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01/09/2016        4.51      Old Kona Airport beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
We dove the north end for a sand/rock entry at about 2pm. Watch your step, the rocks are slippery, short swim out to the right side of the cove and dropped down in 30' of water with 70'+ vis. We followed along the coastline because there were a few boats further out- so bring a float. Large schools of fish feeding, the usual Big Island critters, eels and a 6' eagle ray coasted by. We followed along the coastline until we reached a marker buoy and then slowly made our way back, zigzagging along the reef until we reached the curve of the cove. Exit was easy, surf was calm, just watch the slippery walks like you did on the way in. Bathrooms nearby, close to Kona and dive shops. As usual, don't leave valuables in the car- we emptied our backpack onto the front seat of the car to show we just had snacks. There is a wanderer population in the bushes but they kept to themselves. Great dive.
01/09/2016        4.03      Kahalu'u Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Definitely a snorkel site but you could definitely do a super shallow max 10' depth SCUBA. After a week of diving, we snorkeled Kahalu'u on our surface interval day. Worth the snorkel: eels, puffer fish, tons of fish, and a sea turtle. Easy sand or lava rock entry, slip on your fins and swim out. Swim out a little further for better vis. Keep an eye out for surfers, there are surf lessons that happen in the area. Bathrooms, food truck, showers, near Kona, free parking- but get there early to get a spot!
01/09/2016        4.45      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
We were looking for an easy location as our first Hawaii dive to ensure proper weighting- we really enjoyed this location! It has portable bathroom facilities, free and paid ($5 at the church for VERY close parking) parking. Did 3 dives here over the course of our trip. The first was a two step off the rock to 80' at the North (right) part of the cove; coral and fish galore. The next two we entered further to the South (left) on the rock in about 20-40' of water and saw turtles, trumpet fish and puffers. Visibility in January was easily 100' with no surge and no waves. We were told that a dive float was required so we towed one. There is a small boat ramp so be advised that there are occasionally boats. Locals and tourists hanging out on the rocks. There were also a lot of snorkelers near the entry/exit but moved out of the way as we were exiting. On exit, there is one part of the rock that is a bit of a shelf so step on up!
07/09/2012        4.03      Children's Pool Beach California South, USA West
Went snorkeling here a few times in late June and had a great time watching the seals, rays, Garibaldi, and other fish swim around. Went back on July 7 to scuba (only my 6th dive and my second shore dive), got there early to get decent parking. There are portable bathrooms at the top and a shower tucked back down the stairs. There were seals present on the beach and in the water; we entered on the opposite side of the beach that the seals were at to avoid scaring them. There was a person videoing beach goers getting too close to the seals and scaring them, but she didn't say anything to us or anyone else. Entry was very easy, just walk in and put your fins on and swim out. Visibility was 10-15 feet but there was a great deal of grass and plant debris floating around. Went to about 30 feet deep and watched a harbor seal swim around us and play in the sea grass. 3 more seals followed us back into the shallows. Overall, fun trip for a beginning diver and a good place to gain experience.
07/09/2012        3.25      Aliso Beach Park California South, USA West
July 8- Dove Treasure Island but stayed in the sandy areas to practice navigation. Not very experienced yet so we thought it best to avoid the reef with the conditions. Parked in the upper lot, get there early to get a spot or you are out of luck! $4 for 3 hours of parking but there are nice public restrooms at least. Lifeguard was present. Entry was easy, drops off fast so we were in chest deep water fairly quickly. Vis was at 10-15 feet at best, pockets of 5 feet occasionally. Went to depth of 30'. Current was moderate. Watched a sea star walking on the ocean floor, saw a few fish, and watched an epic battle between a hermit crab and a crab. Exit wasn't bad. Will return again soon!

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