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12/21/2006        3.49      North Crescent Bay California Mid, USA West
Crescent Bay or Dead Man's Reef as it's better known as, is a great reef to dive day or night. I have been diving this reef for many years and I never tire of it. It has a great deal to offer to those who are willing to make the swim to get to the reef, as it is a long ways off the beach. One memorable dive I can recall back in 2003 was in about 60ft of water on the south side of the reef. A Mola-Mola or Sun fish came by to say hello. This Sun Fish was approx. 5ft in diameter! There were about 15 divers in the water that day as conditions were exceptional for this location. Vis was about 35ft and temp was around 68 degrees. The entry through the surf at this beach is pretty easy, however, if the surf is up be sure to time the sets well and be quick to put your fins on. I do not recommend putting your fins on and walking in backwards or placing your fins on your hands to paddle out. These methods are not very effective and can be detrimental at this location. Seal Rock is also part of the larger reef and is closer to shore. There are several Sea lions at any given time on the rock and they are not shy, which makes for some great fun in the water around this part of the reef.
08/19/2003        4.85      LA - Casino Point California Mid, USA West
Year round this location is great; after all it's Catalina Island! The entrance in and out of the water couldn't be easier or more orderly, due to the stairs that lead right into the water. This spot is ideal for both classes and for the novice to advanced divers. The area is part of the larger Catalina marine reserve, which means you can't take anything but pictures. But this also means that the reef will continue to look great and you'll never feel like you've seen all there is here to enjoy. Look for one of the plaques at the bottom, just east and west of the stairs in approximately 20 o 30ft., one of them is dedicated to Jacque Cousteau! It's very easy and inexpensive to get to Catalina Island from the mainland. If you want to make the trip over and back from the island light, rent tanks and weights at the Casino. There's a truck from one of the dive outfits on that island that rent gear. You can rent complete packages or just what you need. Air fills are $5.00, Tank rentals and weights I believe are $10.00ea., and they accept plastic payment. It's a great spot so go and dive it, you'll be happy you did!!!
08/19/2003        4.06      Wood Cove California South, USA West
This particular reef has a great deal to offer the advanced diver. The reef is very beautiful because it's seldom dived due to average conditions. Not for the novice diver for various reasons (shallow depths, rocky and narrow entrance, waves, etc). If you have an opportunity to dive this spot when conditions permit you are in for a real treat!
08/19/2003        3.24      Shaws Cove California South, USA West
Shaw's Cove is ideal for beginning scuba divers and is home to several scuba schools in So. Cal. During the summer classes must enter the water no earlier than 7am and must be out of the water by 10am leaving the beach open to non-student divers for most of the day and night. Conditions are at their very best in the winter, like almost all California diving! Summer diving in Calif. usually exhibits lower visibility and higher waves than in the winter. Vis, on average in the summer ranges from 2-10ft. In the winter it ranges from 20 to 30ft. at Shaw's Cove. There are moray eels, octopus, bat rays, shovel nose guitar fish, halibut, and much much more to see on the reef. Enjoy the dive!

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