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12/02/2011        4.72      Buddy's Reef Bonaire North, ABC Islands
This is a really busy dive site due to the large amount of people staying at Buddy Dive & using the house reef. It's a lovely looking reef here with quite a lot going on so you don't need to go far north or south from the entry point to see stuff. It's true what people say about the dive boats, they are in & out from the dock but we've never had a problem with them in the 5 years we've been coming to Bonaire. If you hear them, stay low look above & keep clear of them. Once they're docked they will be away from the ladder on the exit point. It's the normal safe practice on any dive site, Bonaire has a lot of boats coming in & out & they're not always just dive boats so be aware of them on all exits. The guys at Buddy Dive are really helpful & lovely to deal with.
12/02/2011        4.29      The Lake Bonaire South, ABC Islands
We tried diving here twice prior to this year & each time had to abandon due to strong current..3rd time lucky they say & it's right. This is a beautiful site, lots going on the reef. Lots of healthy looking coral & loads of colourful fish. We saw a lovely southern sting ray gliding over the top of the outer reef. Would recommend you try this site. If the current is strong try again either later on same day or following day, it's well worth it.
12/02/2011        2.98      Hilma Hooker Bonaire South, ABC Islands
This is really 2 dives on 1 site... The wreck & the reef as a separate dive. This is always a busy dive if you don't get there by 09.30hrs as it's 1 of the most popular on the island. There's a group of large tarpon that hang around just off the wreck like sentinels keeping their eyes on you as you explore their home. Bottom time here can be short due to depth but it's good to have a look under the wrecks at what used to be the decks. No real amount of coral as yet on the underside of the Hooker because they didn't get time to remove the anti-fouling agents when it was sunk but it has started & every year we return there's a little bit more. Entry/exit here is always a challenge which is why a lot of people do it as a boat dive, but it's worth the agro. Just go careful & watch out for holes & loose rocks in the shallows.
12/02/2011        4.55      Oil Slick Leap Bonaire North, ABC Islands
We love this site. The giant stride off the cliff is the best way to enter & the drop off is so close. Although some of the upper reef is damaged by the past storms there are pretty areas a little lower down that are worth checking out. The abundance of fish makes this dive very interesting. The exit up the ladder can be fun if the swell is up but as someone else said, it can help 'push you up' the 1st couple of rungs! Would recommend this site for all divers.

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