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08/27/2009        3.76      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Black Rock is great for all beginning skin and scuba divers as long as you don't mind people. Go early in the morning before the tourists wake up and fill the water with sunscreen run-off. The marine is abundant even with so many people around and the variety amazing. Every visit I've made in the past several years has produced a turtle sighting. I've come across some large lobster molts and if you're an avid snorkeler, you can spot lobster under the rock ledges. There is only the side of the cliff to view for marine life but take frequent glances back at the open sandy area to spot the turtles and pelagic fish. When the surge isn't up the shallows offer some colorful invertebrates from crabs, shrimps, to the blue starfish and pencil urchins. Remember, go early if you want a peaceful dive before the crowds come.
08/27/2009        3.97      Baby Beach Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
This local beach diving was one of the best I could find without too much hiking required. I would suggest getting the local reef tour with JADS. Walter was my guide and helpful at pointing out the local critters. He was patient for taking photos and allowing me to spend time searching on the ledge for the hidden marine life. The cross memorial is a very cool item to photograph. If you are into sitting back and having the animals come to you this isn't the place that is going to keep you entertained. Like any reef, the animals feel safe staying hidden so you have to find them. There were different varieties of lobster, coral banded shrimp, and tons of Christmas tree worms. The schools of fish were plentiful and box fish friendly. Pipefish and puffer fish hung out along the reef and with patience, the smaller fish hiding in the coral came out for photos. Don't be turned off by the opening of the bay that has damaged coral because you will miss out on the awesome reef that parallels the shore for an easy, relaxing dive.
12/21/2004        3.77      Heisler Park California South, USA West
This spot is best for skin diving since many cool things can be seen from the surface or within 10' from the surface. The best spots are in shallow water, including an arch, which is better to dive at high tide. In the shallow waters there are some interesting channels to swim through that are abundant with critters, including abalone. If you don't mind surge, this is a fun spot to dive when you just want to go sightseeing.
12/21/2004        4.12      LA - Marineland California Mid, USA West
This spot truly feels like you are diving in an aquarium but only when the surf is down and the visibility is great. If not, the water remains very cloudy when the surf is up. There are great shallow areas to check out at the point but the current can be strong. At the southern end, it is calmer and easier to enter the water, although it is rocky. Some of the cool reef are farther out from the natural cave on shore but be prepared for a long swim. These reefs have some unusual critters and occasionally you can come across a mantis shrimp and some seal lions. If you're entering at the beach, keep an eye out for the few pilings that remain of the old Marineland pier. If the conditions were consistently great, I would dive this spot everyday.
12/21/2004        3.37      White Point California Mid, USA West
This site is wonderful for the beginner and those new to diving in Los Angelos. The entry is sometimes slippery but the rocks are small and easy to glide over with your B. C. filled. There are plenty of animals and plants to look at, especially on the outer area of the cove where the current picks up. The most exciting, if you haven't seen them before, are the underwater hot water vents. You can recognize them by the surrounding white algae. The area use to be as a bath house which used these vents to supply the bath water.
05/15/2002        4.02      Wood Cove California South, USA West
This is the best advanced dive spot in Laguna for plant and animal marine life. It is also one of the most interesting sites for snorkeling when the conditions are flat.
01/25/2002        2.66      Newport Pier California Mid, USA West
If the surf's down this is an incredible dive. Besides finding all the cool stuff dropped over the pier, there is plenty of marine life on the pier structures underwater. Plenty of schools of fish go through the pier and sandy bottom marine life is plentiful. Try to avoid weekends and the crowds due to the fishing line under the pier.

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