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03/26/2005        3.17      Lana'i Lookout (Scenic Lookout) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This is a great place to dive. I have often done drift dives from here to blow hole. I've also drifted here to Hanauma. Check tides and go when the current is in your favor if you plan to drift. Otherwise you'll end up making a long surface swim. No fun, I know because I've done it a time or two. In the winter, when the whales move through, this is the place to be. The whales get quite close to shore here, so if you have dreams of seeing them underwater, this is the right spot. It's the only place I've seen them under. And quite up close I might add. There is a resident 5 foot white tip here. My dive buddies and I call him our friend. He's very docile and has offered no cause for concern; even when he's hunting. We even have footage of him cruzing by. All around fun dive.
03/26/2005        3.28      Halona Blow Hole Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. This is a relatively easy dive site. All you have to do is not go if the surf is high and allow enough air to swim most of the way back to shore underwater. I find it best to surface swim out of the keyhole, then drop down. If you head along the cliffs to the right you'll find everything you would want in a dive. There's a canyon which is straight out from (fishermen's point). The canyon is full of life. I've shot 5+ lb pupio, a 10 lb Kahala, many large Uku, and a 3.5 foot barracuda in the canyon. The fishermen on shore chum that spot, so all manner of fish are attracted there. My dive buddies and I even have seen our friend, the 5 foot white tip from Lanai Lookout, over there hunting. Don't worry, he's friendly and stays out of your way. If you know where to look you can pull some good bugs out of here. This is just an all around a good dive. However, vis is bad after heavy rain or trade swells.
03/26/2005        3.12      Kahe Point Beach Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
I was introduced to this site by my friend who is a dive instructor on the island. I must say it wasn't much to look at from the surface. However, once under I realized why this place is so good. Marine life is everywhere thanks to the electric plant water discharge. I have yet to navigate the cave mentioned, but I look forward to finding it. I've been surrounded by spinner dolphins while under, shot a 3 foot barracuda, and been blasted by discharge. It was all great. Fun, easy site.

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