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07/25/2012        3.44      Poipu Beach Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
My buddies and I spent a couple of hours snorkeling around Poipu Beach in April 2011. We stayed on the W side of the jet of sand, the 'kiddie' area didn't look interesting enough. Easy entry, though you do have to be careful about the other people that aren't paying attention. The center area is mostly empty bottom, though there are a few large pieces of machinery down there (gears or pulleys). We saw two turtles making their way from the beach out to sea, very cool. The schools of convict Tangs will follow you everywhere as well. The east side, along the jetty, is interesting (tons of anemones), though the waves made me a little seasick out near the S end. People tend to stand on the rocks and reef in the shallows, so they're pretty beat up. The west side had a pretty stiff west-flowing current when we were there, so we didn't spend too much time over there. We recognized we were getting pulled west, and made our way back to the center. It also shallows out quite a bit to the west, and with large waves, it might be possible to get thrown onto the rocks. I'd be interested to do a dive here in the future.

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