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02/22/2006        4.06      Town Pier Bonaire North, ABC Islands
This is one heck of a night dive. You need permission to dive this (same deal as salt pier). I read some other reviews about it being crowded here, but now the dive is limited, 4 divers per guide (yes, you need a guide). Our dive master (Netto from Captain Don's and his fellow dive master, Jennifer, also from Don's) each took 3 divers out in opposite directions, we barely encountered each other. Orange coral, lots of eels.. Just awesome diving, a must do, very easy and gratifying for the beginner to the pro... bring your camera. One note: wear booties as there seems to be a strange electrical current at the top of the steps (bad ground).
02/22/2006        4.65      Oil Slick Leap Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Simply a great dive. Great "giant stride" to the water into 15 feet. The reef is real close by, and a ladder and wooden platform make it easy to get out of the water. We started our dive against the negligible current, to 90-100 feet then went back to 30 feet, where there's a tire in the water. At the tire area, we were told to look out for a seahorse, but could not find it... Great dive!
02/22/2006        3.72      Hilma Hooker Bonaire South, ABC Islands
When I did this the first time I had no idea what to expect, as my buddy and I were expecting another wall dive. Some slippery stuff at the entry, but nuthin' too tough, and there was very little (if any) current when we went. We had the site to ourselves in the early afternoon. We found the bottom of the reef at about 65 feet to a sandy bottom. Then we saw the enormous hulking hull. We could make out the bow, and then swam to the stern, where the propeller resides in its aperture, and viewed 6 massive tarpon. Like previous posters noted... watch your clock... there are so many things to check out on this massive wreck that you can easily lose track of time. Approaching the beach, the sandy bottom at 15 feet is a perfect spot for your safety stop. We came back the next day with the camera, since this was our favorite dive of the trip (second favorite is Oil Slick Leap).
02/22/2006        4.40      La Machaca Bonaire North, ABC Islands
I was not staying at Captain Don's but I did all my diving through their shop. The only shore dives that I was charged for were dives for my Nitrox Certification. The facilities there are awesome. This dive is an easy dive, and goes deeper than the limits of recreational diving. I did not try this dive at night, but I'm sure it's great.

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