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03/31/2008        4.52      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove here with my 2 boys on March 17th, 2008. I think this is great spot to limit a dive to 30 feet. We ended up going out deeper to 80 feet, but most of the life is at the surface. While we were down, a school of Spinner Dolphins came into the bay to play. Following our dive, my brother-in-law who is a quadriplegic and hadn't been in the ocean for 23 years looked like he was ready for the experience. I put a life jacket on him and lifted him into the water and when he felt comfortable put a mask on him, but he found the snorkel too hard to breath through, so I grabbed my tank and gave him my octopus. We just stayed on the surface and dragged him around, but that was the best 30 minutes of the entire trip. This site is the best I found for a family spot to allow for snorkeling while others dive.
03/31/2008        3.70      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This was our favorite site on the Island. Me and my 2 boys dove here 6 times during our vacation. No matter what the surf was doing, this spot allowed for a controlled entry and exit. It is so handy being able to park less than 20 feet from the water, too. All the advise from this website makes this dive easy, and it is very easy to navigate this dive because of both the visibility and the unique underwater landmarks. We dove left, right and deep. This is a great location to experience it all. Too bad there isn't a shower to rinse the gear!
03/31/2008        3.70      Alua Beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This is a site that just saves you money! I dove here with my 2 boys. A short walk over the Lava field from where you park, and a short swim (about 100 feet out) and we had a one hour dive right under 3 dive boats, all with people who paid $85 each to dive this site from the harbour less than 1000 feet away! From 55 feet, we looked up and watched as the twin prop dive boats left to go back to ring up their VISA's. It didn't stand out as being the best dive site in Hawaii, but it was satisfing knowing that we didn't spend $175 for the 3 of us to dive it! Overall, a good dive for ease of entry and exit, and lots to see.
03/31/2008        3.81      Leleiwi Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove here on March 26th, 2008 with my 2 boys. The Surf was up pretty good, but with the advise of a local, we had no troubles getting in and out. You should enter just to the left of the shower (there are stairs on the outside of the rock wall). There were so many turtles here, we were never out of sight of at least one! This was the one dive we did on this side of the Island, but it was well worth the extra effort.
03/31/2008        3.56      Mile 6.3 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove this site with my 2 boys on March 20th, 2008. If you don't have a good 4x4, don't bother trying to drive down to the water. (And I think it is too far to walk!) If you do have a 4x4, you can drive to within 20 feet of the water. There is a small shoot that floods on the surge and it makes for an easy entry & exit. The hard part is finding the exit from the water. I dragged a dive flag out 50 feet off shore and tied it off to a rock on the bottom to mark our exit point. It worked well. Many lava tubes are at about 65 feet deep at this location, all of them full of fish!
03/31/2008        3.36      Mile 4.9 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
I almost didn't dive here due to the previous comments. I asked the local dive shop about it, and they said it was much better, and shouldn't be missed. They were right. If it was a damaged reef, it was temporary. The hard part is getting to it. Again, if you don't have a 4x4, don't even attempt it. The road is not good! That being said, if you have a 4x4, you can get to within 30 feet of the water and there is a great entry point that is sheltered somewhat from the surf. At many of these sites, I found it best to get one diver at a time to enter the water and swim out off shore before the next diver goes, and the same coming back in. Another handy item is a dive flag that you can take straight out from the entry point and tie it off on a rock, so you can find the easy exit. We had a great dive, saw a wonderful Conch (It was huge) and one of the largest slipper Lobsters I have ever seen! We had a great dive.
03/31/2008        3.45      Puako Church The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Dove this site on March 16th, 2008 with my 2 boys. Out of our 17 dives during our vacation, this was the 2nd worst exit. 2nd only to the Mauna Lani (ouch) It blew up while we were down, and the exit was not very pleasant. That being said the dive was wonderful. Loads of fish, Turtles, Eels, even an Eagle Ray. If you get a day that is flat, go for it, but be ready for the exit if it blows up while your down! I would recommend the Puako Village end over this site, for ease of entry & exit.
03/31/2008        3.79      Mahukona The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
I dove this site twice with my 2 boys on March 21st, 2008. Really easy to enter and exit. We saw the largest Manta Ray I have ever seen. He was digging a hole on the bottom, and I estimated him at an 8 foot wingspan. The site was so easy to get to that we decided to come back after dark for my boy's first night dive experience. All the locals were fishing off the pier, but didn't seem to mind us being there. (just keep your car/truck lights off as you drive in) It was just as good as the first dive. Saw a few Parrot fish sleeping in their balloon of gel. Another dive not to be missed.

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