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12/05/2011        2.38      Fathom Five National Park of Canada Ontario, Canada
The wreck diving here is spectacular (virtually all boat dives), but the shore diving is variable. There is very little plant or animal life, but the water is pristine. You are required to register with the park office and pay a fee. The map they provide will show you where you can park, enter and dive. Note that this is a cold water location, with surface water rarely reaching the mid 60's, and a couple of thermoclines that will have you in low 40's usually at 60' & below. For shore diving: The Lighthouse is very popular for the first dive. The entry is reasonably easy, visibility good, there is a shelf leading to a wall that drops to 30'. From there, you can go down to about 110' if you choose. It is a great place to check your buoyancy in cold water. The Tugs are a great place for new divers. The Alice G is to the north, in good shape, and only in about 6' - 12' of water. It is ideal for snorkelers and beginner divers. The Anchor used to be one of my favourite dives - a 20 minute swim to a large anchor hooked on rocks at about 65'. A commercial sight seeing company recently set up a dock beside the entry point that you must pass before to get there. The town seems to be discouraging parking around this place EXCEPT for tour boat customers. If you don't mind hiking your gear up to a mile (I use dollies), there are some very interesting caves and swim throughs near The Grotto. I usually go off trail just south of the Grotto and set up on the rocky beach, then swim northeast. A shorter hike, but with less to see, is from the visitors center to Little Dunks Bay. This will be much quieter, but very little to see underwater.
12/05/2011        2.82      Innerkip Quarry Ontario, Canada
This is a great spot for spring & early summer diving. Lots of sunken artifacts to find - planes, boats, buses, cars, and a sunken mine shaft. Visibility has improved to about 30' in the spring, falling to 10' in mid summer, and 3' in the fall. Lots of clubs use this for training. Maximum depth, apart from the mine shaft, is about 30'. Ask for the map in the dive shop that gives bearings and fin kicks to all of the sunken treasures!

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