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07/12/2010        3.91      Angel City Bonaire South, ABC Islands
A bit of a challenging entry due to rocky formations creating holes at entry along with surf. Mooring at 15ft and drop-off about 20. Lots of sea fans and sponges. Double reef @ 60 ft. Not very secluded because it is right next to Hilma Hooker.
07/12/2010        3.72      Atlantis Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Easy entry and exit with sandy bottom before a small section of coral. Brief swim before drop-off at 25 ft. A lot of parrot fish, black durgeon, and chromis- several smooth trunkfish largish green moray- one queen angel fish. Sea fans in shallow create nurseries for fish. Saw 2 juvenile French angels.
07/10/2010        4.39      Margate Bay Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Pretty easy entry and exit with a short swim to the drop-off at 20ft. Abundant life and coral formation. Saw a couple of small eels on the way in, lots of rock beauties along the way and a few French angels. Great shore dive.
07/10/2010        4.41      Ol' Blue Bonaire North, ABC Islands
The dive site is a bit of a drive because it is on the one-way section of the road, so getting back south takes some time. It is a beautiful dive and worth the drive. Very easy entry and exit. Well marked at 10 feet with a giant arrow made of wood and distinctive tube sponges make it easy to navigate. Saw squid, abundant schooling fish, large porcupine, sea slug, ocean trigger fish.

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