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03/30/2015        4.35      Keystone Jetty (Fort Casey) Washington, USA West
This is one of the best sites I have done in the PNW. Dove it March of 2015. The Jetty is full of life!!! Tons of large fish and plant life. The jetty dive is a easy dive just be careful when you get out towards the end, the tide will pull you. We dove the jetty first then did a drift dive from the pilings back to the jetty. Like another person said, there is a very large rope that leads from the deepest piling that faces the jetty, all the way to the jetty. The rope runs along the bottom held down by cement blocks. Great drift dive when the tide is going, just don't stray from the rope and you will be fine. Great spot to get two dives in.
03/30/2015        3.78      Edmonds Underwater Park Washington, USA West
This site if great for all levels. Dove it at low tide March of 2015 and the vis was really good at 20+ feet. Lots of very large Lings and Cabazon. Saw some grabs and other plant life. Really big area that you could dive several times if you wanted. Its a very easy dive with the rope system and buoys. As others have said parking can be difficult since are aren't very many spots. Easy entry right off the beach.
03/30/2015        4.35      Salt Creek Washington, USA West
We dove this site March of 2015. This site is a great place to dive, but I would really recommend doing it at high tide only. We dove near low tide and were only in about 6ft of water most the time ha-ha. There are a couple stair cases that lead down, we used the one out at the point. It is narrow, and then we had to climb down the rocks to walk out and dive. Vis was poor and the surge was strong. I think in the right conditions, this would be an amazing site to dive. A lot of plant life within the kelp and lots of smaller fish, you have to look close to see the micro life here. No real current to speak of just surge like others have mentioned. Gear up in the parking area and hike down. Again, high tide or you might as well just snorkel it.
03/30/2015        4.85      Deception Pass Washington, USA West
We dove this site March of 2015. I will start off saying that this site should be dove by experienced divers only. If you are a new diver, or new to cold water diving, please go with a guide! Also talk to someone at one of the dive shops near there. Whidbey Island Dive Center has great info. Pat, the owner, was very helpful and gave us tons of good info! The tide exchange passing through this point is very strong, and can pull you along with it, no matter what you wanna do. So planning your dive using the current is a MUST! You can ride the exchange both ways if you do it right! But a longer slack time is the best. That being said, this is an amazing wall dive!!! The amount of life on the wall really is impressive. We tried our best to stay around 40ft (it goes down to 90 and the best stuff to see is between 40ft and 60ft we were told) the vis was horrible but we still had an amazing dive, the colors down there were out of a tropical paradise. Follow all the other info about how to get in. The current can push you up and down so keep an eye on your depth gauge. Just be careful, make sure you plan, and have fun. This is definitely a must dive spot, and I will most definitely be back!

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