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08/27/2009        4.67      Blue Heron Bridge Florida, USA East
What a GREAT easy dive. My wife and I had a long weekend, and planned a few boat dives in the area. The ocean was blown out, and our dive boat canceled. We heard about Blue Heron Bridge, and did a quick check of when slack tide was that day. Make sure you dive this spot at slack tide, or you won't be coming in where you entered ;-) Some of the locals gave us the 411 of where to head. There are 2 small boat wrecks directly south of where you enter about 75 feet apart. There was a abundance of life here, and we were in less than 20 feet of water. Next we swam Northwest toward the bridge. We spotted a beautiful Spotted Eagle Ray. Here is a link to some video I took. The viz was 30-40 feet. Considering the seas were blown out, we were pleasantly surprised. All in all a wonderful, easy dive.
06/24/2008        3.87      Spanish Rocks Reef Florida, USA East
The Spanish Rocks are an easy, and enjoyable dive. Park at the beach access beside 33rd, and prepare for a short walk. Well it won't feel so short when carrying your gear. From the beach access go south 6 houses. There is white box framed house. Put your gear directly in front of the house. Typically there is very little current, but what current there is will send you north up the rocks. Swim past the buoy, and drop down 15 feet or so afterwards. Head west, and you will come to the rocks. Your depth will be between 17' and 22' feet. There is another set of rocks another 50 yards out. Viz will anywhere from 3' to 15' feet typically. This is a fun dive, and because of the lack of depth you can stay under for what feels like forever. You will be greeted by several species of fish on the rocks. If you're lucky you may spot a ray or a nurse shark. The water temp was 86F when we dove Spanish Rocks last.
01/28/2008        3.65      Ginnie Springs Florida, USA East
What a nice area to dive. The water level was down a few feet, so getting into the water was a bit tricky when we visited. The ballroom is real treat. You can really feel the water flowing when you're next to the grate. Depth at the grate was 52 feet. Visibility was incredible. We have never seen water so clear. The people that run the place are great, as well. My wife's octo was acting up, and they adjusted it free of charge. Devils Spring is also a lot of fun. At Devils Ear the Santa Fe River and Spring meet. Where the black water from the River and clear of the Spring meet is something to see. Too much fun...:)
01/07/2008        3.73      Vortex Springs Florida, USA East
A decent dive. The staff is super pleasant, and for the 19 dollar admission fee you get a your first fill free. The fresh eels are a sight to see, and there are loads of carp. The visibility wasn't great, but not bad. Remember to check out Morrison Springs while in the area.
11/05/2007        1.95      Blue Grotto Florida, USA East
Very unimpressed for the 2nd time. $40 to dive, and tank fills are twice the norm as we saw everywhere else in the area. Facilities are small, and not the cleanest.
10/31/2007        4.22      Rainbow River Florida, USA East
The wife and I did some of our final checkout dives here. Visibility was 60-70 feet, and there was a very light current. We saw tons of fish, a sea otter, and plenty of turtles. Pay $10 for the boat ride up, and enjoy a nice slow drift dive back.

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