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07/04/2004        4.33      Titlow Beach Washington, USA West
Excellent site for all levels of scuba divers. I often take my Pacific NW Fish and Invertebrate ID students to this site whenever possible (currents willing) because of the abundance of fish and invertebrate life here. As is the case with many Pacific NW sites, there are more fish here in spring/summer/early fall than other times of the year. Watch the currents! Use the North End Tacoma Narrows CURRENT (not tide) charts to plan your visit. Plan your dive around slack current. Spend much of your time exploring in and around the pilings, and if the current exchange is SMALL that day, you can attempt to head south towards the very small wall to see the wolf eel. Depth is shallow, and diving on a higher tide will prevent a walk into the water over slippery rocks. So, check both the tide AND current charts for this site when planning your dive. We have seen unusual things at this site we've never seen at any other site. (like Pile Perch displaying interesting mating behaviors and colors)
05/22/2004        4.15      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This site can be a zoo on weekends! Actually, that goes for most of Hawaii's beaches. Weekday diving you can have the places pretty much to yourselves. Easy entry, and the most abundant group of fish species at any of the sites we dove. Port-a-potties are the luxurious facilities. Even with lots of folks here (most are snorkeling) the diving was just fine. Parking can be tricky sometimes.
05/21/2004        3.96      Ke'ei The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
The road leading to Ke'ei leaves something to be desired, but our little rental car managed to make its way over the bumps to the end of the village. Park near the picnic tables, and SMILE at the residents. We were extremely careful to keep our voices down, not use compressed air to blow off our dust caps, etc. Please act as a gracious guest in this little village! Lazy dogs came to lie in the shade our car made. The easiest entry is through an old canoe ramp, behind a little rock wall. Just walk down the ramp and swim out a ways, drop down and enjoy and incredible dive. We went down to 100 feet or so to see the garden eels. They were right on the crest of the drop-off. Not a lot of them, but also some other unusual fish found at that depth. Spent most of our time up in the 50 foot depth though after the brief garden eel visit.
05/21/2004        3.73      Puako Church The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
The little road that leads to the Puako Church site is now blocked off. We simply parked along the street, not wanting to intrude on the church's parking lot. (although it was empty). The entry is a bit tricky, and I highly suggest you hold onto your buddy and walk side-by-side out to deeper water. There is a very long shallow portion you must walk through, full of dips, holes and uneven ground. Once out, swim out a bit more until you are in front of the home that's to the left of the entry site (facing the beach). Go down into a lava hole (a turtle was there to greet us!) and swim out to the reef. Reef was VERY healthy and beautiful. I loved diving this site!
05/21/2004        3.92      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This was an awesome site! Plenty of geological features to keep us interested, as well as abundant fish life. The entry is in a little bay, with rocks to protect against the surf. Put on your fins at waist deep water, holding onto a rock, and away you go! Be careful to avoid the surf and waves out from the entry point. Swim or snorkel out past that point, and then descend. You'll find swim throughs, holes, caves, lava tubes, valleys and all made up by the 'fingers' of lava that flowed out here. Fairly healthy reefs abound. Lots of sea life. Be sure to avoid the rough area on the way back in too. Did this dive 3 times. Best if done in mornings (goes for all dives) when surf is down.
10/16/2001        3.00      Fox Island Washington, USA West
Fox Island, West 'wall' was pretty disappointing. The 'wall' was a small cluster of rocks with a bit of fish life. The rest of the site was just sandy/silty bottom with some junk scattered here and there. Entry was easy, but the road leading down to the site is closed due to a landslide, although there is a one lane road allowing local traffic. There are no facilities there, whatsoever.
10/16/2001        3.71      Sunny Side Park Washington, USA West
Sunnyside beach has a gently sloping sandy bottom with two areas of interest: A pipeline just off the wind pavilion, and a few wrecks, just off the pilings area. Entry is easy, facilities are complete with showers, but don't forget the $4 parking fee, exact change required. There is a surprising amount of life around the pipeline and wrecks, with sculpin, rockfish, anemone, octopus, and in the summer, snake pricklebacks!
10/16/2001        4.70      Edmonds Underwater Park Washington, USA West
Edmonds U/W Park has excellent facilities, but the parking lot could be a LOT larger than it is! The gradually sloping bottom of this area means a long surface swim before you get to any of the features of the park. Also, try to dive this on high tide, since it will be a bit deeper and easier to maintain neutral buoyancy. The fish and critter life here is fantastic! Since it's a protected area, the fish can grow REALLY huge.(and they do!)
10/16/2001        3.52      Salt Water State Park Washington, USA West
Mostly sandy bottom, with tire reefs, and an old rotting barge. Lots of fish and critter life around the tires and barge. Easy entry, great facilities, some current. Easy sloping bottom.

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