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11/06/2013        3.83      Gab Gab Guam, Pacific
All in all a good dive. I went there to dive on the reef. Check my dive out on You Tube: Sperling and Gallet get attacked by a Great White.
10/06/2004        4.67      Children's Pool Beach California South, USA West
Well, this site is open now. One warning watch out for the old guy who has appointed himself protector of the Pacific Ocean seal population. This was an AWESOME night dive!!!! I went lobster diving but only caught one. I saw more on this shore dive than any other night shore dive I've done to date. We swam out around the back side of the wall and the reef structure was awesome. After dropping to about 23 feet toured through the reef and saw a couple of blue colored eels, tons of large giribaldi, sheephead, small lobsters everywhere, and a large dead seal which was pretty spooky since I'm not one for diving with a plentiful amount of shark food. If conditions are flat, this is an excellent place to go!!!! Hope to see ya there!
04/04/2003        3.38      La Jolla Cove California South, USA West
Well this is for info purposes only. I went and dove this site after diving the Yukon and Ruby. WOW! Surf was bad surge was bad and you guessed it Vis too!. My father-in-law had a difficult time but we still managed to have a good time. As for sea life I think I saw one tiny lobster and nothing else - DO fish hate surge too? Anyway if the surf is up I wouldn't go unless you are jonesing to get wet.
12/01/2002        3.32      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
Well this is the last time I'm going to rate this site. If your looking for Lobster you might want to try somewhere else. Night diving here is pretty cool. My brother and I finished our AOW class here and we saw octopus, sell sharks, angel sharks and many more types of fish resting on the reefs.
08/01/2002        2.47      La Jennelle Park California Mid, USA West
This dive site is ok. All of the people that said the visibility was not good here and they were right. 6-8 feet at best; I guess timing is everything. The coolest part of the dive was a seal that was sleeping, I guess in a piece of the La Jennelle ship wreck, and when we approached he swam off. Getting in and out of the water was the worst! If you're not careful you will get smashed into the rocks by the waves. Sea life was OK. If you paid money to go on a vacation, don't go here! But it is a decent place to explore if you're a local.
07/26/2002        3.54      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
Well it would appear that I'm turning into a dive guide for this location. Deer Creek is ok and the access is easy, but if you really want the pay off you have to go to Staircases which is a much better dive. One thing though, if you are not in shape this dive is not for you. E-mail me for details!!!!
06/30/2002        3.85      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
Went again Saturday. WOW what a difference the surf was big and the vis was bad. Recommendation: If the surf is up go further south. Visibility was 6ft at best.
06/26/2002        4.18      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
Went to the real deer creek dive location this time and it was awesome. If you don't have the money for a boat dive this place is worth considering. The visibility currently is about 15 feet. Lots of reefs, fish, and kelp. The entry is much easier than stair cases and Leo Carrillo. I live about 10 minutes away so you might see me there!
06/21/2002        4.03      Deer Creek Road California Mid, USA West
It's not exactly at Deer Creek. Its called Stair Cases (located 4000 on PCH HWY 1) do to the hike down. Vis was awesome for the area, the dive overall was well worth it!!!!

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