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07/30/2005        3.92      Tulamben House Reef Bali, Pacific
Thought I would add to Ed's comments. I have heard this reef called "Coral Gardens," too. Nice reef, and entry is easier here than at the Liberty wreck. Lots of macro and the jacks have indeed migrated here. Vis can be variable, but it is more than made up for by the marine life. Good for snorkelers and easier for novice divers.
07/30/2005        4.05      USAT Liberty Ship Wreck Bali, Pacific
I have visited this site twice- once in 2001 and again in 2005. Still a good site as I did not notice any deterioration. Exits and entries can be a little challenging, with exits being the most troublesome. I would advise to take your time before heading out to be sure you have the energy. There are larger boulders to stumble over, so be cautious but speedy in the surf. Great site, though.
08/03/2004        4.14      Cane Bay USVI, St. Croix, Caribbean
Great dive-as everyone else has pointed out. I personally found it a little tough to swim against the waves out to the drop off- also of note, the drift of the incoming waves tends to push you to the left- so when you return to shore, you have to swim at an angle to the drift. I did not see anyone night diving when I was there, the entry and exit would be easy enough, but there are a lot of urchins in the shallows which might cause a problem. It is a great site though- I did 6 dives here and I saw turtles and lots of bigger fish- really great soft corals.
08/03/2004        2.14      The Pier USVI, St. Croix, Caribbean
Unfortunately, the island has recently (in the last month) started to develop the pier area. The local roads are closed and you can only access the pier by giant striding off the pier. This is OK- but the exit involves climbing over slippery rocks while holding onto a rusty metal girder on the side of the pier. Not an impossible exit- but not easy. I would not recommend it for night, although the local dive shop said people still go. The construction seems to have affected the sea life- there was lots of silt and particulates in the water, lower vis and covering much of the rocks. The stanchions which are encrusted are nice enough, with some resident life, but not really worth the dive IMHO. It is no longer comparable to Bonaire piers.
08/23/2003        3.71      Lauderdale by the Sea Florida, USA East
Dive was Ok the first time- entry was easy over sand and no rocks. Second time the surf was up and fighting to clear the breakers was tough. Nice enough reef down there- fair amount of sea life and in fairly good condition. There is parking- but it is a pain if you need to drive off to get fills - you will lose your spot. There is and excellent concreted shower area to rinse gear.

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