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09/19/2020        4.50      Montana de Oro Beach California Mid, USA West
Great site when conditions allows. There's beautiful fish schools, kelp, and playful seals. That said, I only recommend diving here when there are low wind and waves and if you're experienced with navigation in temperate waters. Otherwise, if you're really interested in diving here but less experienced, talk to a local dive shop and a guide can take you when the winds are calm. Difficulty: I would strongly discourage novice divers and those without experience navigating in low viz, current conditions from diving here. For more experienced temperate water divers, this is a terrific site for the area when conditions allow. Facilities: there's a parking lot with a bathroom. Entry: I like to dive the south side, so after parking it's a little trek across the beach, but you can follow the reef structure out and into the adjacent 'Smuggler's Cove', then follow along that to the southern lip of the cove where there's often beautiful fishes and other critters to see.
02/09/2017        4.02      Boca Bartol South Bonaire North, ABC Islands
I've been diving at over 2/3 of the (official) sites on Bonaire and this is now in my top 5. The marine life is hands down amazing, and the reef shape is unique- one of the only places to find spur and groove formations on the west coast. We saw 1 nurse shark, 3 southern stingrays, a 1m/3' rainbow parrotfish (and another smaller one), and a juvenile turtle. Easiest entry: -By the most southern end of the inlet there's a cement square, just S of there is a nice place to walk down to the inlet. There's a piece of coral that juts out creating a little protective 'cove' at the very end of the inlet. There was decent sized surf/waves (though there were 22kt winds that day), but it was doable. For people less stable on their feet, have a buddy carry weights in for you. Snorkel out ~30', there's a channel near the S bank of the inlet. Descend in one of the spur groove channels, head out past the sand flats till you hit the reef crest and you're in for a great dive. Who should dive here: People experienced with shore entries with surf/surge and stable on their feet. Navigation skills also help- but there are good natural markers underwater.

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