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07/28/2019        3.75      Alua Beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
The Tiger Sharks had been spotted earlier that week so we decided to see if we could find them. Carrying gear over the lava and rocks is the only down-side of this dive...just go slow and easy. Surface swim out of the cove towards the first buoy. Remember this is an active boat channel. Four dive boats were moored along the south side of the channel when we were there. Follow the channel towards the drop off and follow the drop off looking for something good. We came upon an Eagle Ray and then a 12' Tiger Shark. Working back up there is a collection of reef and rocks...look there for a scorpion or frog fish. We found the former. Good dive. Harbor House has cold refreshments and good food for after the dive.
07/01/2019        4.12      Miloli'i Bay The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Miloli'i Village - The Pier 7/1/19 Dove Miloli'i Village/Pier with Ginger, Garry and his guests. Easy entry. Exit a bit challenging getting first step on ladder due to water being at low tide. Very good dive. Head out west on surface and drop down when water gets over 25'. Bear north along reef looking for large swim through. Follow swim through and continue north over canyons and pinnacles. Lots of reef fish. Large milkfish was spotted. On return follow western edge of structure...lobsters, shrimp and other cool critters in the rocks, crags, caves, etc.
07/01/2019        3.90      Miloli'i Bay The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Haolewood at Park Blvd. North end of Miloli'i 6/29/19 Dived two tanks with Gene H. Surface swam west to drop-off then submerged and headed south. Southern heading until structure changes to look more like side of a mountain then head ESE. Nice swim through and then head back north until you spot the 'island' near your entrance. Very interesting topography. Reef fish and eels are plentiful. Some game fish.
06/18/2019        3.48      Hookena State Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands

09/22/2018        3.86      Miloli'i Bay The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Video of 'The Crack' at Miloli'i:
02/18/2018        3.69      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
We did several dives at Two-Step in January-February 2018. Water was generally agreeable even in winter. Kick out and drop down at the first Aloha. To the north end of the bay is some structure to check out if the surge & current allow. Otherwise, follow the reef to the drop off and follow south. The second Aloha is a good marker to begin your slow loop back to the entry/exit. Lots of fish, eels, turtles and a few sharks and rays to be spotted.
09/07/2016        4.38      Ke'ei The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
We went to Ke'ei (Pronounced like K.A.) with Garry from Sugar Cottage. Not far from Two Step but with a lot less people. The road has been improved and will take you right to the spot. Park next to the picnic tables. Walk in a the boat ramp/beach and surface swim around the bend to the north. We dropped down and worked our way up the reef...along our way we found moray and yellow eels, a spotted eagle ray, a white tip reef shark, puffer fish and many other great finds. This is a fairly shallow dive so we ended up with a total dive time of 1 1/2 hours...very nice. Our favorite dive of our summer trip. Highly recommended!
09/07/2016        4.24      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
My wife and I did several dives at Two Step. Our guide was Garry from Sugar Cottage. We did the South Side dive and the North Side dive. Both directions have great reef and rock structure and plenty of fish and animals. The reason that lots of folks come to Two Step is because that it is so easy to see so much. Towards the Northwest there are free diving lines...interesting to see folks at 50' or more without SCUBA gear. We saw all the usual suspects at this dive site and thoroughly enjoyed our dives. Parking is $5 in the Church parking lot if not full. Otherwise, hump your gear from up the street. We pay the $5. Entry is easy...wait until the snorkelers are out of the way by the Two Steps, inflate your BC and throw it in. Jump in afterwards and put on the BC in the water. We'll be back...not sure when but hopefully soon.
09/07/2016        3.97      Miloli'i Bay The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
We did several dives at Miloli'i during our trip August of 2016. Our guide was Garry from Sugar Cottage. Parking on round rocks at off the paved road. Walk a short way down to the entry off of some giant lava rocks...ladder attached to the north side. Reef sharks, plenty of fish, moray, spotted and yellow margin eels are easily spotted. Going out and then south takes you on a nice dive that eventually gets to the deep. Nice structure and good amount of fish. Sometimes hammerheads can be seen here but we didn't find any. With a fairly long surface swim around the point to the north puts you at Papa Bay...another very nice dive. During summer the conditions were very calm with a light current. Viz was good most days @ 60'. We were here in the winter and the waves kept us from diving Miloli'i. One of our favorite Big Island dives. Plenty to see.
02/12/2016        2.63      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
My wife and I are experienced and advanced divers. We were spent a few days on Kauai before heading to the Big Island. The Kauai diving overall was enjoyable...unique from other places we've been diving. We found Koloa Landing easy enough from the map and directions from the folks at Seasport Divers where we rented tanks/weights. Parking was easy with many spots in the gravel parking lot/drive available. A couple other divers with their instructor were going in when we arrived. The surf was mild but the entry/exit is on an old boat ramp that encounters surge as the water funnels into shore. Timing the entry and exit is helpful. My wife had some trouble with the surge as she exited the water. The rock reef is in a horseshoe shape with lots of sand and a few rocks in the middle. We spotted a large turtle hiding behind one of the boulders. Overall sea life was ok but the surge and time of year probably played a factor. The south side of Kauai dives made me think of an ancient construction site with lots of giant boulders and pieces of the Earth's foundation scattered about. Overall a good dive, fairly easy to self-guide and a pretty spot for a surface interval.

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