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11/19/2006        3.14      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I did this dive twice, the first going to the left to a depth of 47ft, the second to the right to a depth of 43ft. The entry here is like walking into a pool. It has got to be the easiest entry I have ever had. There had been very little to no rain when I was there (11-18-2006) so the muck at the entry was gone after about 20 yards. The left side of the bay is just OK in my opinion. It is mainly big rocks with not much coral or fish. The right side, IMHO, is the better side. It has much more coral and fish. I found the life to be more evident in 30-40ft of water. There are several large coral heads and small walls to explore. It was very, very, calm when I was there. Almost no surge and the vis was pretty good at about 30ft, less at the shallower depths. Overall a good spot for beginning divers.
11/19/2006        3.76      Ahukini Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Please let me preface this review by saying that the vast majority of my diving is solo, in SoCal and via the beach. Rocky, rough, semi-dangerous entries are the norm for me. I dove this spot twice today (11-19-2006) First off, the entry is a cake walk. You have to walk over some small rocks for about 15 feet and then you're in the calm waters of the bay. I don't find this to be an advanced entry. If you can't walk far with your gear on, then stay on the boats. The swim out to the tip of the jetty only took about 5 minutes. I rounded the tip and swam about another 20 yards and dropped down. Much to my delight, the vis was excellent. I swam parallel to the jetty for a while and then went straight out to a depth of 60ft. The vis was about 40ish. Compared to Koloa Landing this place was full of life. I saw a large turtle, several kinds of moray (including a dragon) and all the aforementioned ammunition. There are several small walls to explore (no more than 15 feet tall). Overall a great dive. Then I went back about 4PM. The vis was 0-5 at the end of the jetty and only improved at 50 ft to maybe 10-15 in the best spots. Since 10ft vis is common in SoCal I was still happy, but disappointed it was not like my morning dive. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO USE AND SET A COMPASS FOR THIS DIVE. In the 0 vis, God only knows where I would have ended up if I didn't KNOW I was heading OUT to sea. Overall a fantastic spot if the vis is good.
11/19/2006        3.58      Kahe Point Beach Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Definitely an easy and unique site. Just seeing the hot water coming out of those huge pipes is worth the trip. HOWEVER: Be aware that this site is VERY prone to break-ins. While surveying the site I noticed a HI state car parked there. I walked up and talked to the lady who says she eats her lunch there all the time. I asked her about the problems with break-in's and she said she would never leave her car there. Soon after I saw two divers walking back to their car after diving the site. One was a local instructor and I asked her about the crime problem. She agreed and said she would never leave her car here alone. I looked at her kinda funny, since she just got out of the water and no one was in her car. She smiled and pointed to a beat up red (I think) car and said his name (sorry, I forget it now) and told us to go pay him $8 bucks and he will watch your car while you dive. We did and my rental was fine when we got back. BTW, several locals told me to be wary about leaving your car while beach diving ANYWHERE on Oahu due to the crime. I did, however, leave mine at other spots and was fine, FWIW.

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