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04/22/2009        4.75      Deception Pass Washington, USA West
I've enjoyed this site by diving it once by boat (1970- before I knew better and didn't consider the tide range!) and 5 times from shore. When dived on a modest exchange, it's a very enjoyable ride in and out with plenty of creatures to see; Lings, black rockfish, cabezon, yellow eye, barnacles, sponge- plenty of invertebrate filter feeders and interesting geological structures. Access via the long path from the lower parking lot at Deception Pass State Park.
04/21/2009        3.98      Agate Pass Washington, USA West
I've enjoyed this dive many times over the last few decades and usually go here once a year now. The bridge piers are the best part of the dive, and the channel drift is certainly exhilarating. It's shallow, so there's no danger of downdrafts or sudden up-wellings. Boat traffic can be heavy, which is why I usually do this dive in late fall or early winter when that activity is nil. By staging cars at either end of the pass and timing the current, you can experience 2 excellent dives in and out of the pass to the bridge and back to 'Old Man Park' at Suquamish. Of course, this dive is best done in a modest tide exchange- 6 ft or less. The bottom is a riot of invertebrate life with barnacles, anemones, sponges, crab, etc. Some big ling cod, cabezon, perch and rockfish can be found here too. Most of the fish will congregate in the lee of the bridge pier and in the many nooks and crannies to be found there.
04/14/2009        3.45      The Tower Washington, USA West
I noticed that your reviews of this site are a little dated. Our Dive club visited on 3/29 and the general consensus was that all were pleased, in spite of the LOOONG walk from the limited parking up on the road. It was a -1.5 low that day; current typically remains nil here. The former preponderance of brown rockfish has now been displaced by more coppers and quillbacks and a few blacks, all of which cowered in the many nooks and crannies of the reef, leading me to believe that seals and sea lions must often visit for lunch! This is one of the better shore dives around. (especially if you don't consider Agate Pass)

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