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04/24/2003        3.82      Ten Mile Point Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
This is by far and away my favourite shore dive in BC!!! The area is prone to strong currents (so check your tide tables - approx. Race Passage - 15 min), but the reward is amazing sea life. Tons of colonial ascidians, sponge, lampshells, clown nudibranches, horseshoe sea squirts, cabezons, red Irish lords, giant rock scallops, etc... You can barely see the rocks. The steep wall bottoms out at about 80ft. Viz is never great, but most of the time it's ok...
04/24/2003        4.00      Egmont Marina Resort Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
I really like this site. It's got tons of life. Lots of tube worms, rose stars, even some colonial ascidians! Be very wary of boats, as the main dock is right there!!! On the bright side, things grow all over the docks. never experienced any strong current although you are near the Skookumchuck Rapids, so beware :) ! My friends do this as a night dive, and they love it. Air fills and pub (I recommend the clam chowder) are right there when you get out of the water...
04/24/2003        4.26      Coopers Green Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
It's a great site in winter. During the summer plankton blooms, and viz can drop substantially... You don't have to go deep at all!!! 20 feet and you're in marine city heaven! Tons of nudibranch (even hooded ones!), dead-man finger sponges, etc... Great for beginner dives. At the tip of the rock, it gets much deeper. Never went to the bottom, but I was about 80 feet last time, so you can make it a deeper dive... Rumored to have octopus and wolf-eels there...
04/24/2003        3.72      Tuwanek Beach Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
Tuwanek is a great easy dive. Lots of my friends do it as a night dive, but I have always done it during the day. Lots of invertebrate life (tunicates, sponges, alabaster nudibranches, etc...)and fish life. In fall, tons of lion's mane jellyfish. Long surface swim and no facilities there, but no current and fairly good viz.

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