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11/21/2003        4.71      The Prince Albert Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
Placed 1984. Lot of growth, critters. Excellent night photo/dive. Can't get lost. Orange Ball Corellamorphs! Free swimming File Clams, Leopard Worms, coral spawning! Resident 7' eel. 3' Parrot, many many little critters. Take magnifying glass. YOWZAH! Easy penetration w/PADI wreck cert avail. Top in 20 fsw. Swim thru huge tank compartments or DC3 fuselage. My favorite-2x per night. Follow anchor chain from Coco View to intact upright wreck.1:30+ b.t. possible. Go slow-see more!
11/21/2003        4.25      Newman's Wall Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
In terms of shore diving, this is easier from Coco View. The shallow top of Newman's is an excellent night dive but plan your route up during the daylight first - avoid it when there's surge. Octopus city! The route to Fantasy Resort is occluded (man-made beach) must follow the aircraft cable. Look for eels in the basin to the NW of FIBR gazebo. Easy from Coco View.
11/21/2003        4.54      Coco View Wall Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
The best Roatan resort shore dive. Top ten in the Caribbean. Incredible macro critters, learn the landmarks, then dive all night long with no worries. Can't get lost! Done it 300+ times, always something new. The 320' to the wreck in 10 fsw may be the best part! Octos, Squid, Rays, Sailfin Blennies, 3' Parrots, have them drop you at 2Tall-2Small and scuba to resort "Enduro" dive. I saw a Whale Shark on a shore dive.

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