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04/20/2012        4.45      Airplane Wreck Curacao, ABC Islands
This was my husband and my favorite shore dive. Dove it 6 times in 3 weeks. There is a pipe leading you out to the dive. The airplane is off to your right as you enter the dive. There are more sections as you go deeper. It was an amazing place to find critters. We found a frogfish and 2 pipe fish. Also saw several large schools of fish including a school of close to 100 red parrot fish. Would love to do this dive everyday.
04/20/2012        4.79      Playa Lagun Curacao, ABC Islands
Long snorkel out, but well worth the effort. Many amusing things to see on the way out. Several turtles are always around, some squid and an occasional octopus. The reef is dark but very nice. Great corals and sponges. The entry is marked for an easy return.
04/20/2012        4.83      Playa Kalki Curacao, ABC Islands
This was the 3rd trip for my husband and I. The only negative for the corals is there is a lot of algae. Still lots of schooling fish, but no particular large ones. It was like diving in 'fish soup'. There is a rope on the bottom leading from the dock to the reef. Very easy to navigate. Great for a night dive.
04/20/2012        3.00      Rediho Curacao, ABC Islands
I don't believe that this dive can be done as a shore dive. It is a spectacular dive. One of the best spots to find seahorses, sting rays and way too many lion fish.
04/20/2012        4.64      Cas Abao Curacao, ABC Islands
The entry fee was 10 guilders. It was a beautiful white sand beach and had a very helpful dive shop. The dive shop let you put your gear together there and gave you a very good dive profile. Saw a large hawksbill turtle and there was a seahorse on the buoy.
04/20/2012        3.13      Playa Manzalino Curacao, ABC Islands
This was our 3rd time to dive the San Juan area. We were very disappointed. The storms have not been kind to this area. The corals have been blown over and the coral bleaching is everywhere.

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