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12/03/2008        3.63      Cannery Park California North, USA West
This is always a long swim. I took the scooter on the first one and followed the large pipe out to Metridium Fields. Good viz and no surge. Saw several Sea Nettles and got to photograph them. We decided not to follow the pipe back in. Instead we took a heading to bring us closer to the breakwater when we surfaced. It's a long way but we hit our target. The swim out and back is what makes this a tougher dive. Watch your air it goes fast. I use a steel 120 and that gives me a lot more time out there.
10/31/2008        4.42      Monastery Beach North California North, USA West
This place is awesome. I got certified here in 1980. If you disrespect the site it will put you down hard. However, choose your day wisely and this site is incredible. 40+ foot viz this day. Flat seas. Shore break was less than a foot. The kelp barely moved while I was down there. Got to spend some time in the shallows and it was great. Max depth on this one was 60 feet. Had a local seal diving with me which is not unusual. Many people I talk to think this dive site is a diver killer. It can be, but there is no reason for it if you use your head and pick your day. There have been several times where I roll up to the beach and decide I'll pass. By far my favorite dive spot in Monterey.

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