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08/18/2010        3.37      Cardiac Hill California North, USA West
Went on 8/18/10. The visibility was fantastic (25+ feet)! There was an old SW swell fading away, and we hit at a low tide, which must have really cleared out the area. Take the trail down from the parking lot, and dive wherever. There was a fishing boat in the middle of the bay, so we stayed clear of that, but the undersea rock formations were beautiful. Saw lots of Senorita, Sargo, Striped surfperch, Gharibaldi, Opaleye, kelpfish, tons of urchins, anemones, and even a few sea slugs. Only two things were wrong. One, there was a LOT of kelp in the kelp forest. Too thick to swim through. So long as you swim around the edges, it's just fine, though. The only other issue was how cold the water was. 60 degrees. But that's seasonal. We had a great time, and will be back soon.
07/20/2010        3.05      Malaga Cove California Mid, USA West
I came back two days later to try this site at high tide. The entry over the rocks was sooo much easier during high tide. However, the visibility was still bad (less than 10'). After talking to a man in a kayak who said he was an experienced diver, he said you just can't come to this spot during a Northern swell. It mixes the water around, and you can't hardly see anything. And wouldn't you know it, there was a northern swell today. Boo.
07/16/2010        3.08      Malaga Cove California Mid, USA West
We went on 7/15/10 at 5pm (low tide). As a beginning skin diver, I was looking for a place with easy entry and lots to see. The road from the parking lot leads you right down to the beach, where the rocks meet the sand. I went in through the sandy beach, and paddled over to the reef. The beach was crowded, but no one was snorkeling. Visibility was bad (maybe 5' or so), so we had to dive to about ten feet to see anything. I've seen some websites that said go during low tide, and some that said go during high tide. We tried at low tide, and it sucked. Couldn't hardly see anything. Gonna try back at high tide sometime soon.

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