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10/04/2005        3.25      Back Beach Massachusetts, USA East
Just wanted to try a new spot and wound up here because the entry is easy and they have restrooms. Local divers told us to swim out and go left, so we did. Lots of rocks and kelp. Caught a couple lobsters and saw many others. Lots of crabs, which I guess is the norm for this area. Not many fish other than a couple flounders and a single pout. Lots of surge which I personally love to ride. Not a bad dive, though I'm told is really comes alive at night.
10/04/2005        2.82      Pebble Beach Massachusetts, USA East
Brought two friends who had never been diving in New England. Parking and entry simple and straightforward. Swam out to first reef line and dropped down. Saw a few lobsters, plenty of crabs, flounder of every size, and a sea raven. Lots of plant life. Visibility was good at about 25 ft, but the surge was obviously kicking some Ohio ass, and my partners decided to head back in after 30 minutes. Egress was interesting since none of us had ever experienced the combination of strong surf AND an uneven, rocky beach. No broken bones, though. Due to lack of fish life, we decided to make our second dive at Folly Cove despite the wind direction.
10/03/2005        3.52      Folly Cove Massachusetts, USA East
Tried this one out with my two buddies at Cape Ann Divers' suggestion after a very average dive at Pebble Beach. Being from Cleveland and used to dismal Lake Erie conditions, this dive was what we had all hoped it would be. Snorkeled out along the left side and had a blast checking out all the sights. Dropped down farther out along the left wall and saw all kinds of stuff: a dogfish, schools of stripers, a very large torpedo ray (we had NO idea at the time that it was an electric ray, and we actually jostled it underneath its wings with our fins so we could get a better look at it. It apparently didn't care for that kind of treatment and came flying off the sand at us in a kind of bull rush. Too bad no locals were watching because they would have had a great time watching the three morons from out of town swim for their lives), lobsters, crabs, anemones, urchins, sand dollars, etc. Very good dive. We're used to the cold so that didn't bother us. The parking wasn't bad, either, as far as we were concerned, because you can't do this kind of diving off the beach in Ohio. We would have gladly parked a mile away and walked in.

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