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03/19/2004        3.38      Mile Marker 4 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
I always dive this site while visiting Kona. Nothing to add to the other reviews. HOWEVER...Between Nov. '03 and Mar. '04, the handy wall to gear up on has grown. Land owner next to the site raised the gear-up wall to about 5 or 6 feet. We have to gear up the hard way now. *sigh*
06/24/2003        3.00      Manta Ray Dive The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
I noticed that you have the Manta Ray Night Dive on the BI of Hawaii listed as a future dive site. I think it is a GREAT idea! I have made the dive numerous times. However, shore diving is not the norm for this dive any more. Most of the night dives for viewing and interacting with the mantas are boat dives at Garden Eel Cove (off the Kailua-Kona Airport) about 7 miles N. of Kailua-Kona. Shore access isn't available that I know of - it would be a LONG swim. The dive operators set up lights on the bottom to attract the sea cooties that the mantas feed on and divers add more light with dive lights. This is a 2 tank dive. First is a twilight dive on the reef and down to the Garden Eels at about 70 feet. Second is the manta dive after dark where we set-up at about 40-45 ft down. The last time I did this dive, I must have REALLY upset a yellow margin moray eel as we sat on the bottom. I must have been in his space and he kept attacking me. Had to fend him off numerous times with my dive light!! After about a half hour with the mantas, we pick up and tour the reef viewing the eels and other sea life out hunting. It has been discovered through research that the mantas come from MILES away just to feed here with the diver's help in attracting their food. DO list this dive! I have seen from 2 to 4 boats out on this dive. It is not crowded. Next trip will unfortunately not be until Nov '03. I suggest Jack' Dive Locker as a dive operator for this outing. Keller Laros, who is usually a dive leader on this dive with Jack's is also an expert in manta ray identification and is also heavily involved in manta ray research.
06/12/2003        4.11      Kahekili Beach (Old Airport) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Did this dive as a solo dive while wife was reading on the beach on 23 Mar 03. Had GREAT conditions - no surf and very little current. Entry and exit were about as easy as it gets. First time I used my GPS receiver to locate a dive site. Really appreciate the coordinates on the website! Had a good time just touring the reef. Lots of Mu Fish, Humuhumu, Trumpet fish, Arc-Eyed Hawkish, Yellowtail Coris, Wrasse and other reef fish. Spotted a 4' Whitemouth Moray Eel just below some snorkelers at about 12 ft. Had a blast pointing him out to the snorkelers. My dive graph looks like a yo-yo because I went up to grab their cameras and go back down to photograph it for 5 or 6 of them. Had a Discover Scuba class swim through and the dive leader was kind enough to hang back and let me get the photos before he brought the class in for their photos. After surfacing I was thanked by the class for finding the eel as it was the only one that they had seen on their dive. Was a nice relaxing and fun dive.
11/09/2001        3.31      Prince Kuhio Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
I dove Prince Kuhio Park several times in October 2001 with my son-in-law and dive buddy Mike Laird. This was a particularly handy site for warm water tune-ups and diving as we were staying in the condos right next door (to the left in the aerial photo). Snorkelers may be more comfortable entering the water and exploring at the sandy beach (just off the left side of the aerial photo) to the west of the condos. Parking is more than adequate for the number of people that use the park. It appears that the park is used primarily for sunbathing by the people from the nearby condos. We only saw one tour bus there engaged in some kind of nature tour. There are no facilities at the beach. Entry and exit are fairly easy but caution should be used especially when the waves are up a bit. We would suggest at least a .5mm suit or skins as a precaution against the lava rocks and coral at the entry point. This is a very good dive spot for beginners. The best touring is to the right of the entrance point around to the front of the condos. Depths are not much deeper than 25 ft. Watch for surfers and body borders when surfacing especially if you do so away from the entry point. There are many Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles) to observe. We also saw Puhi-oniĆo (White Mouth Moray Eels), large Nunu (Trumpet fish), Humuhumu-nukunuku-a-puaĆa (Picasso Triggerfish), and many other Hawaiian reef fish. A diver can rent tanks at Seasport Divers that is just a short drive up the road. The dive shop staff is friendly, informative and helpful. They even repaired my octopus for next to nothing! For a bit deeper diving near-by, we would suggest Koloa Landing.
10/08/2001        4.08      Sunny Side Park Washington, USA West
The park opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. Presently there is a $4.00 fee charged to park in the parking lot. We usually carry our dive gear the several hundred feet from the parking lot to the entry point in two trips. To dive the pipe, you have to find it first! Swim straight out from the Wind Pavilion/showers and at about 50 feet of depth, turn right and swim directly north. Shortly, you will find the pipe. You can follow the pipe down to a depth of over 100 ft. or turn back towards shore and follow the pipe a short distance to a large cement box. Attached to the north side of this box, you will find a yellow line that leads to a small sunken boat with Santa Claus sitting at the helm. From the bow of this boat, you can follow a second line that leads to another more dilapidated sunken boat. There is plentiful sea life in and around the boats and the pipeline. You can find octopus, eels, perch, crabs, many kinds of starfish, large sea cucumbers, rockfish, sea pens, anemones, nudibranchs, flounder, gunnel, shrimp and many other sea creatures. A very enjoyable shore dive for all levels. Water temperature is about 45 F. in the winter and as warm as 53 F. in the summer. Take your dive light, camera and a buddy and DIVE SAFE!!

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