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03/27/2010        4.24      Carmel River North California North, USA West
I live local so I dive here as much as I can. Sometimes the surge can be bad. The beach is a favorite spot for locals; we were even in some wedding photos fully geared up. Viz is often good here. The reef can get deep around the wash rock. There is a spot in the reef where the rocks create a canyon at about 50 feet. The surge will suck you through and will have a shear drop to about 80 feet, makes you think of being a seal.
12/28/2007        4.35      Monastery Beach North California North, USA West
I came to this site looking for info on the diver who drowned here this afternoon. I dived this place at least 12 times in the last 2 months. I have blown off 2 dives here because it was very rough. The diver was a dive master, so his ego may have been bigger than his skills. THIS PLACE IS DANGEROUS. I have not dove here in about two weeks as it has been too big to get in or out, today notwithstanding. I have entered with small waves and came out with large waves breaking on the shore. Do not get me wrong; this place is great. The seal pups that have been living on the north side love to come and play tug-of-war or tag or pull-the-fins-and-gloves-off. Some tips for diving this place. Watch the conditions for a little while. The swell comes up fast here (ready to go, gear up, too big to go). Enter and exit with reg in your mouth. Exit with enough air (500 lbs), as the surge is strong enough to move you backwards while kicking hard. Watch the shore break and enter/exit between waves. It is very steep, so in two or three steps you will not be able to touch the bottom, and I'm 6 ft. So be careful, keep your wits about yourself, and it's best if you have second thoughts or doubts do not do it since there are other great places to dive in Monterey.

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