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09/08/2008        4.18      Stillwater Cove California North, USA West
The parking and equipment drop off area makes it very easy to drop off your gear very close to the water. We blew up our inflatable right there and carried it down to the beach, very easy. Rowed out past the rocks in the middle of the cove. If you go out in a boat try to anchor or stay up wind of the islands, they are covered in bird poop and stink. I freedove for about three hours, getting in the boat once to take a break and move spots. It got deeper as I got farther away from the rocks and was hitting 40' eventually. I'd say the average depth of most of the reef is 25-30', with steep drops down to 40-50' with a sandy bottom. The kelp was thick at the surface but not too thick down below. Spearfishing was good, good sized schools of blue rockfish, some olive rockfish and I even got a lingcod as he was going after a school of small perch. Dove with a seal and a sea otter. The seal was quite curious and got close, the otter was curious but stayed a short distance away. Very cool dive spot, very protected. I used scuba after I had shot my fish and check out the bottom a little more, I would like to see the underwater statue.
07/20/2007        4.22      Stillwater Beach California North, USA West
Had a really good spear fishing dive on July 19th. Shot my first ling cod. Saw a lot of fish, some seals, and some really good looking abalone farther out. There was a small open cockpit ketch anchored in the kelp with Oregon stickers on it. Kind of weird, but it was anchored pretty securely at the bow and stern so I don't think it was in any danger.
06/18/2007        3.94      Gerstle Cove California North, USA West
Parked in the south Gerstle Cove lot and walked down the trail to the farthest cove. Spear fished, and got four rockfish and a big perch. Vis was good, but surge was bad. I saw a few bigger abs, but they were hard to find since there was so much coral.

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