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01/25/2006        3.54      La'ie Point Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
I did this dive July 2005 and it was a little bit advanced. Saw plenty of eels and turtles but vis wasn't too great due to the surge and swells. Had a nice drop into the water at about twelve feet. Don't do this dive without a dive guide because the currents can take you away.
01/25/2006        3.08      Turtle Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
My wife and I did this dive and I think our max depth was 23 ft. Conditions were terrible but we did see a lionfish and huge tiger cowrie. This is not recommended for beginners because of the current and it is pretty boring for advanced divers.
12/15/2005        3.98      Mile Marker 4 The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Nice dive with easy shore entry. Had fun with 2 eagle rays and saw numerous turtles. Good dive to do as a second one in a day. Head out to the left and there are plenty of lava tubes to swim through.
12/15/2005        3.67      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Pretty nice dive site. My Dad and I did this one in Nov. 2003 and we couldn't park in the parking garage so we had to walk approx 1/2 mile with gear and tanks. The dive was nice with plenty of wildlife and good vis, and I have heard it is a good night dive.
12/13/2004        4.30      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This was my first dive on the Big Island and, since I live on Oahu, this is sooo awesome. I dove this twice in a day on 32% which was an awesome dive. The locals said vis wasn't but 50ft but their version of 50ft just add 100ft to that and that is what vis was. I was down at 130 and could look up and see the sun. Both dives were nice but I felt pretty uneasy when another diver asked to dive with us and he didn't even have a buddy or a pony bottle -- C'mon guys, use your heads and remember that your life isn't ever worth losing for a stupid dive. There were some cool blocks that say ALOHA at 30ft off to right of entry. Remember to plan your dive and dive your plan -- you can easily exceed your deco limits here, so use your brain!
10/22/2004        3.54      Lana'i Lookout (Scenic Lookout) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
I have dove here about 20 times but the 3rd of October I did a drift dive from here to Hanauma Bay and it was probably the best dive I have done on this island. It is a VERY advanced dive so do not do this dive without a guide. You can go to Hawaii Sea Adventures and ask for me and I would be glad to take you out there.
09/29/2004        3.85      Three Tables Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This site is great for student training all the way up to advanced. Between Shark's Cove, Firehouse, and Three Tables, I have done these dives about 150 times. I never tire of them, always new stuff to see. I have done three tables and shark's cove with doubles for 2 1/2 hr dives and have hit 70 ft where it all turns to sand. There are some real nice swim throughs and lots of life. Heading towards shore is 90 or "east", make sure to always swim against the current. Sometimes can be very tricky.

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