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10/07/2003        4.50      Gerstle Cove California North, USA West
Friends and family spent the day on the rocks while the boys went free diving for abalone. Yes, we were in the South cove. Easy limits were taken by all. Visibility was about 18' and most of the abalone were deeper than 25'. It was a clear and warm day that would make a diver out of just about anyone!
02/10/2003        4.22      Gerstle Cove California North, USA West
A two tank dive day: Water temperature was 57 degrees, 3' swells every 20 seconds and visibility was 20' or better. Morning air temperatures were colder than the water but warmed up to about 69 degrees by 2:00 PM. Great photo opportunities above and below the surface. The only tricky part about this dive site is the rocky beach which presents a challenge when fully geared and getting gear to and from the unloading area. Access is via a long, down hill one lane driveway; practice your backing skills. As always, once in the water, everything is a breeze with a nice sandy bottom and calm water to regroup. A Federal Preserve, the sea life is outstanding.
11/17/2002        3.62      Fort Ross South California North, USA West
While diving for abalone, two Harbor Seals made contact in a playful manner and made the dive. Didn't see much for abs; didn't see much of anything past 3'. But it was more calm than Gerstle Cove and should prove to be a very nice spot on the good vis days.
11/15/2002        3.81      Van Damme State Park California North, USA West
This is a very protected dive site. It offers shallow water for beginning abalone divers and deeper water on the back side of the pinnacle rock. Kelp is thick (good for abs) but usually has an easy entry/exit even on not so calm days.

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