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02/12/2012        4.85      South Side Cayman Islands, Caribbean
We dove a little known site in the Breakers area which was absolutely breathtaking and, perhaps, the most amazing dive I have ever done. The location is just west of the South Coast Bar and Grill. There is a small church on the south side of the road which is the ideal place to park and suit up. Prudent divers will study the break in the surf and plan an entry and exit strategy. Under no circumstances should this dive be attempted if there is anything but a gentle surf. It is very easy to follow the fingers out to the wall from the surface via snorkeling, however, I recommend dipping down to the bottom before hitting the wall on this dive because you will discover an amazing swim-through that pops you out on the Cayman Trench. Every hair on my body stood on end when I swam through this hole! This is another great dive to do an easy profile on due to the fingers extending out from the beach. Just follow them back in and voila! You have a great profile with a safety stop included.
02/12/2012        4.60      Babylon Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Babylon is a swim but it is SO worth it! There are a myriad of shore diving sites on Grand Cayman, however, few are as spectacular as Babylon. The winds must be right for you to think about doing no surf! The wall is so spectacular here. If you have good swimming ability and don't mind the snorkel out, take the plunge when you hit the wall and then scuba back in following one of the fingers back to shore. This makes for a great profile and takes care of your safety stop too. Enjoy!

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