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07/01/2005        3.56      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
This was our first dive in Kauai. It was suggested to us from the dive shop right down the road. At first I thought I was at home diving in Rockport, MA, big boulders and poor vis. We Dove to the left of the boat ramp. At first I was disappointed, but then I started to dig into the crevasses. We saw two species of nudibrancs without trying, octopus, plenty of Moray eels. After talking to someone who has lived here a while, I understand the coral is much worse than it was ten years ago. If you are up for a swim, I hear there's a healthier reef out about 250 yards that starts at 45' and drops from there. Ask the local shop about it before you commit to that swim. I wasn't disappointed but after diving the Big Island, there's no comparison.
03/14/2005        2.76      Loblolly Cove Massachusetts, USA East
This is one of the few places where you can do a point-to-point dive. Enter the beach on the left and exit on the rocks at the right around the point. Not a bad dive with some cool topography over on the rocky side.
03/14/2005        3.18      Cathedral Rocks Massachusetts, USA East
I love this dive site. What really differentiates advanced vs. beginner dive sites in New England is the ease of entry/exit. This one would qualify for a advanced entry, especially at low tide. There's two ways to approach the entry point at this dive site. One is to carry all your equipment with you and don down on the rocks (usually the way I go, but it depends on whom I'm diving with). The other is to don your equipment at the car and walk down fully geared and straight into the water; it's not as bad as it seems if you're in pretty good shape. At high tide the entry is just a step off the ledge. At low tide it's a bit more challenging. The diving, straight out, drops quickly to 80' and brrrr cold. I think the best diving is in the shallows 20-40' to left or right of entry.
07/21/2003        3.31      Cathedral Rocks Massachusetts, USA East
This is where you will find one of the area's deepest dive. Parking is close by and with a short walk down some rock ledges with your equipment. We've never had any issues with not being able to find a spot. I consider it an intermediate dive spot because the shore exit can be difficult. You have to remember: You're not a New England Diver until you wipe out with all your equipment on. If you dive this at high tide, it makes the experience much easier. You can drop down to about 80' and there's usually several anemones and rock fish on the way. This site used to be swarming with fish but over the years there are far fewer. This site is not to be missed if you are making the whirl-wind tour of Cape Ann diving. This remains one of my favorite spots.
07/20/2001        3.71      Puako Church The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
My buddy and I had different opinions about this site. I thought it was a pretty dive my buddy thought it was boring. Parking was a breeze and the car is only about 10 yards from the ocean. The entry can be a bit tricky (that's why I rated it intermediate) because it is slightly slippery, but being from Massachusetts, we're used to the slime covered rocks. The lave tubes drop to about 25-30' and that's where we found the most life. The mini-walls are quite scenic.
07/20/2001        3.83      Kealakekua Bay (Old Wharf) The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
We actually used this site to drop the kayaks (with our scuba equipment) in to dive at the Capt Cook monument. The kayak trip is only about 1/2 hour and makes for a nice morning. So this is actually a Capt Cook memorial dive site report. We dropped down to 120' feet and still saw coral life. I found an anchor in about 155' of water but didn't spend much time as the nitrogen was beginning to take it's affect. As in most of our shore dives, the most interesting part is in relatively shallow water. We dove this site twice once to the left (looking out from the monument) and once to the right. Right was better at about 20'.
07/20/2001        3.36      Alua Beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
I was skeptical about this spot after watching all boats cruise by but was pleasantly surprised. When the surf was kicking up everywhere else, this spot has a good sheltered entry. We only went to about 40-50' but this was one of the better shore dive spots we dove. Don't let the boats scare you off, it pretty good diving. The hike from the car wasn't that bad and easily manageable.

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