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02/08/2008        3.98      White Point California Mid, USA West
Most people do not understand that when you dive White Point it's actually two parks. Facing the ocean to the left is White Point with the hot vents and to the right is Royal Palms which is a heavy kelp forest. Went diving in January and had a vis of 20-30 feet. Entry was rocky however waves were no taller then a foot and just take your time. Saw the railroad tracks from the little train from the hotel. Hot vents were really interesting, look for white hairs on rocks look closely and you can see the heat coming up. Mostly a rocky bottom on White Point side little bit of kelp. Saw 14 inch sculpin and a legal size lobster. Looking forward to the Royal Palms side of the park. Water temp was around 53 and went no deeper then 38 ft.
11/26/2007        3.68      LA - Cabrillo Beach California Mid, USA West
This site is often over looked even by locals. There are three places to dive. One is off of a short man made Jetty that drops to about 25-30 feet. Among this jetty you can find all kinds of wild life. At my last dive there, we saw three different kinds of crab, 2 kinds of serf perch, a garibaldi and my buddy even saw a large sea lion. When I have been there I have had anywhere from 7-20 ft of vis. Another place to dive would be out in the sand beds. There is a huge colony of sand dollars with some sardines and others swimming in the area. If you do not mind a small swim, you can enter the kelp beds about 40 to 50 yards out.

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