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08/08/2011        3.27      Martin Cove Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
Amazing dive site that starts in a protected shallow cove and leads out in to deeper water. The wall does turn to the right after maybe a 25 minute swim, and looks like it drops down to over 100 feet. Worth the drive.
08/08/2011        3.38      Sargeant Bay Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
Shallow long dive 25ft max, so nice and makes for a nice long dive for a summer afternoon. Somehow visibility stayed around 20 to 30 feet. Nice dive but not much for life and depth, some boat traffic in the bay
02/07/2011        3.66      Coopers Green Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
Viz was amazing, entered along the boat ramp side swam out to the far end and down. Headed away from the rock down to 92ft looking for more of the reef but found nothing. Explored around the rock, max depth was around 60ft, no luck with octos or wolfeels. But nice shallow dive with no real concerns for surf or current. Nice for one dive
09/19/2009        2.04      Sasamat Lake Vancouver, BC, Canada
The viz was amazing, but there was nothing to see, just mud and discarded beer cans. At 40 to 45 feet there is a drastic thermo change. On the plus there was no boat traffic and no surf or current or tides to contend with. Makes for a good first fresh water dive or to try out any changes to your normal dive gear setup ( Ex. next time I'll use my dry suit).
09/17/2009        2.80      Belcarra Bay Vancouver, BC, Canada
This was an OK dive. The swim out to the marker was longer than planned. If you do go past the reef marker you end up on a sandy bottom. Did not see very much fish life but did see some bull kelp. Maxed out at 40 to 45 feet which made for a nice long dive. On weekends look out for small boat traffic (kayaks) and larger boat traffic if you do go past the marker. Might try it again as a night dive

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