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08/07/2009        2.74      Blue Grotto Florida, USA East
Daughter did OWD cert dives, but I did cavern work. Much better for cavern. When crowds & classes show up, the bottom gets silted up, reducing visibility significantly. However, go into the cavern & there's perfect visibility.
08/07/2009        3.52      Ginnie Springs Florida, USA East
OWD cert dives in 2008. Cavern cert dives in 2009. Perfect location for both. Viz is unlimited. Water level was high 2nd time & a manatee swam into the area of the where people swim, snorkel & do OWD cert dives - very cool. Please don't go into the cavern unless you're trained to do so. Lack of training is the #1 cause for cavern/cave accidents - not worth it - don't be tempted.
08/07/2009        2.64      Twin Quarries, Circleville Ohio, USA East
OK for practice. Viz was terrible at 10 ft, even though we were the 2nd group in the water. Most of the sunken items weren't interesting, as most are barely recognizable (terrible viz & coverage by the green growth). In order to find some of the sunken items, you need a compass/slate to go along with the online underwater map. Fish are intensely interested, until they figure out you're not going to feed them...then they split. Still a pleasant day. The shop is nice, but small. They rent only steel AL 80s.
08/07/2009        3.24      Manatee Springs Florida, USA East
Dove Manatee Springs & Catfish Hotel (2 springs within the same state park) during OWD cert dives. Manatee Springs has very high flow at the mouth of the cave(rn), but still very diveable across the odd underwater 'forest' landscape. High flow allows 'log wrangling,' which is walking across a fallen log across the entire opening, hanging on as if dangling from an airplane. Catfish hotel has more life (as name would indicate), and is deeper, but not as wide. Don't be intimidated by the duckweed on the surface: it's only a plant floating on the surface. Move it easily out of your way on entry. Bubbles clear it out of your way while you're under the water. Didn't cling to my gear, but there is a shower immediately upon exiting.
08/07/2009        3.09      Tunnels Reef Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Most important tip is to park as close as possible. Another observation, though, is that the local police didn't mind cars parked all along the roadside, even beside 'No Parking' signs. We showed up about 8 am, which is as late as you should arrive to get decent parking. Easy entry. Did 2 shore dives. Saw a lot of great stuff, but no sharks (my 12-year old daughter's main goal for our dives). Overall, good location for dives. Large enough to occupy you for several dives.
07/19/2009        2.71      Prince Kuhio Park Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Not a beginner site. Regardless of what others have said, do not dive this site unless you're comfortable with a rocky entry with large surf. Entry/exit was the most difficult part of the dive. Definitely follow advice of others who recommended skins or wetsuits to prevent abrasions during entry/exit (wore shorty & received many). Turtles were awesome. Some other life. Worthwhile dive except for entry/exit. Dove with my 12-year old daughter: she did great during the dive, but we were beaten entering/exiting. Stay away from the wall in front of the condos: if the surf is high, it can push you into the wall. Koloa is a better all-around dive (except for the turtles).

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