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07/05/2005        3.61      Netarts Oregon, USA West
I have dove this site many times, and vis changes from very poor to great as does most of the Oregon coast areas. I last dove on June 11th, vis was about 8-9ft. This is a very good sight-seeing dive but usually not recommended for hunting. Lots of different life here including the monkey face prickle back. I too saw one of these interesting creatures here, and was told by a local diver that there are actually 3 that he had seen. The best way to enter is from the boat ramp. I like to swim up along the road towards the end of high slack and then ride the current back to my entry point. Lots of different life crammed into a small area so it is easy to see many different things.
12/28/2003        2.47      Fingers Oregon, USA West
Dove this site on a bad day. Vis was about 1 to 2 ft. Water was churning very bad and the surge was intent on ramming my partner and me into the rocks. Entry was not easy. I have dived Barview Jetty north of Garabaldi and the drop off there is more severe making it easier to get into deeper water. I saw only a couple small fish here and only one rock crab. The current was strong. Even between the fingers it was about 1.25 hours before the high tide with a 5ft exchange between low and high. I have heard good things about diving here and will definitly try it again under better conditions. Today was a bad day for vis and perhaps some of the other fingers are more accessable. There is a dive store/bait shop at the end of the road and it has a great set up for cleaning gear and even getting a hot shower, air fills and other acesseries at what seem to be great prices for any area.
12/28/2003        2.76      Yaquina John Point Oregon, USA West
Dove this on 12-27-03. Vis was about 2 to 3 ft. The walk into this site is a bit of a hike but no big rocks to crawl over as at the jetty. Sandy entrance bottom drops off fairly sharp after a few ft or sooner depending on the tide. Rock wall runs from east to west and provides some area for crabs. I have heard this spot was hot for crabs but only brought up one keeper, and another pair of divers that went in at the same time also only pulled in one keeper. The channel is only about 75 yards across at low so the current is very strong here. Must try this spot in better water conditions. It had been rainning for weeks so lots of run off, and water was a bit choppy with a storm moving in. Seems like it could be good diving under better conditions..
11/21/2003        3.28      Lumber Dock Oregon, USA West
Been here a few times, what made this dive better was visibility 15 to 20 ft. Not too many keeper crabs this is definitely a clam dive. Surf was bit more choppy but then the rain was coming down hard and the wind was very fierce. This is my first year diving so what I have been told is that the algae has died down making the water more blue rather than the green I was used to. Saw a few pile perch here before that would be worth taking, but nothing over 4" this time. Great dive for a beginner.
10/21/2003        2.86      Lumber Dock Oregon, USA West
Good place for clams and some crabs, bottom full of little crabs. Not too much else to see here but haven't ventured much past the dock. Vis is usually not too good but hit it usually as the tide is going out so that is expected. A few rocks to climb down to the shore but ok after that, rocky bottom (small med) dock supports are good to steady yourself on. Not many fish here and not worth trying to spear the ones that are there they need to grow quite a bit. Large parking lot full of boat trailers and vehicles so the little area just next to the dock is usually accessible. Good dive to start with or to hit if there isn't much tide exchange. Lots of clams
10/21/2003        2.82      Barview Park Oregon, USA West
The vis here is really hit and miss, I always hit the miss. Been here 5 or 6 times now and the fish seem fairly consistent at small to keeper size no BIG ones though. I dive the parking lot side of the jetty and am told the coast guard tower side has bigger game. Got 3 keeper Dungeness last dive and missed about a 30" ling. The dive is good after you hit the water. Hitting the water is the hard part the rocks are big and small unstable ones, at high tide not too much slippery ones though. I love the "in the water" part of this dive just hate getting in and out. Bottom is about 35 to 40 ft here and there is decent life. Good one to hit early on just watch the tides they can be a bit tricky.

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