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05/19/2003        4.38      De Palm Slope Aruba, ABC Islands
For beginner and intermediate snorkelers, wives, kids, this is a little like floating in an aquarium. You have to pay to go over for a half or full day, including food, deck chairs, showers, and stairs into the water, but it is worth it. DePalm feeds the fish, so you will find tons of large Parrot Fish and many others right. Go out to the right, past the buoys and snorkel along the slope.
05/18/2003        3.38      Catalina Cove Aruba, ABC Islands
My wife and I snorkeled this site 4 times over 2 weeks. Great place to float and watch fish over a shallow reef, except when the tour boats show up. Lots of fish. Find a sandy entry point to return to, or fight the rocks. Head left or right from the beach. (See also Boca Catalina, Malmok, and De Palm as the best beach snorkel spots on Aruba)
05/18/2003        3.51      Boca Catalina Aruba, ABC Islands
Great site to snorkel from the beach. Find a sandy entry and arc north until you find the rock and coral where the fish are. Slight current to the right. Great place to float. It's where all the tour boats go. Other excellent Aruba snorkel sites are Catalina, Malmok, and De Palm
05/18/2003        3.45      Malmok Beach Aruba, ABC Islands
Good snorkel site. Lots of rocks and coral to the north of the entry. Lots of fish. Turtles in the early morning up along the cliff. Aruba has very little crime. Unlike the earlier comment, we snorkeled every day for 2 weeks from beaches using a rental car. Had no theft problems and heard of none. Along with DePalm and Catalina, the best snorkel spots in Aruba.

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