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03/17/2013        4.62      Baby Beach Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Baby beach dive is great for people who don't mind a strong current to get to the reef. We love this dive but recommend you go with Jads before trying this by yourself. This is the best way to find the actual reef and the easiest exit point, this could be a hard dive if you just go it alone. We see more Turtles here than nearly anywhere else on the island, huge Lobster also hiding under the boulders.
03/16/2013        1.58      Shallow Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
Very poor shore dive, you will need to swim out nearly half mile to get to 40 feet. Not much to see will not be doing that dive again. Very strong current to get back into shore.
06/04/2012        4.45      Mangel Halto Reef Aruba, ABC Islands
I live in Aruba and while I have only been certified for 6 months I have dived over 100 times, most of that is around the Mangel Halto area. Within a 5 min drive of the beach there are multiple entry points some good for intermediate and advanced. As the current can get quite strong I would say you need to be a strong swimmer. This stretch of the coast line is great for drift dives, if you get yourself a good instructor there are so many places to go that are not on this site. Night dives are about 30% of my dives so far, so far all on this reef area. Here is a link to a video I did from some diving we did in the last week of May.

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