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05/10/2010        4.54      Directors Bay Curacao, ABC Islands
I wish I had read the review regarding break-ins below before finding this beach on our own adventure, yesterday evening. It was late in the day, so we decided to come back here today to snorkel. We don't scuba, but had the most amazing snorkel experience here today. The drop-off is hardly 20 feet off the beach to the right, and it is shear drop with amazing clarity and abundant sea-life. Saw lots of Barracuda on the right side of the beach. And a big school of baby Barracuda on the left. After taking a breather, my wife wanted to go back - can hardly blame her. However, I had a bad feeling in my gut as 5 of the 7 cars left around 12 noon. On the second snorkeling trip, I turned the corner and came up to glance at my car. I saw a guy in green shirt and white cap walking close towards the passenger side to inspect the contents inside the car. I hollered at him. He went towards the back and ... I ended up being the not-so-proud owner of the rental car with the broken rear window and yellow markings on the tires. I am looking forward to my meeting with the Budget Assholes. I would suggest to them to paint a big 'X' in red paint on the car for easy identification by thugs. However, I refuse to accept the fault in this case to be mine. I am contributing to the tourism revenue to this island, and I feel if there have been vandalism cases here, a camera needs to be installed to provide security. There is just one way to get in and out of this area. All that is needed is a single camera. The police were very helpful, and everyone appeared to be genuinely concerned. The detective took finger prints off the car, etc. I will wait to return to Curacao when it is a commonwealth and they can apply the resources to safeguard one of their more valuable assets - the tourism industry.

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