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04/01/2002        4.62      Red Slave Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Tied for my favorite dive site on the island. It has pristine reefs and larger than average fish. My feeling is that the location of this site allows for currents to bring extra nutrients to the reef and it shows. The only way I could see someone getting in trouble here is ignoring a current. I get the impression it could get real dangerous under the right conditions if you ignored the current, unless you wanted a free trip to South America! You can navigate really easily by counting the sand shoots as you pass them; count the same # back and you're out in the exact same place. Easy in and out. Currents pick up at night in Bonaire, so I don't think it would be a good idea to night dive there, ever.
04/01/2002        3.53      Hilma Hooker Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Doing it from shore is my favorite way to do it but this way is NOT for a new diver. Do the dive by swimming on the surface to the site, drop down, watch you computer then come back over the nice reef. It allows you enjoy the reef while decompressing. If you go by boat it's easier but they limit your time a lot because of the depth.
04/01/2002        4.39      Vista Blue Bonaire South, ABC Islands
I love this dive. Easy entry, pristine reef. Not over dove. Gets deep fast, if you like. Like much of Bonaire, night diving has some intense currents so it would be a bad idea to do it the majority of the time unless you want a free trip to South America…
04/01/2002        3.37      Oil Slick Leap Bonaire North, ABC Islands
I have dove this area in 2001 and loved it. You definitely need a ladder to get out but if your careful where you leap from, it's a really easy entry by stride jump. I was here in 3/2002 and the ladder is gone, "under repair" so it is currently not a shore dive.

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