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01/18/2005        3.43      Old Garden Beach Massachusetts, USA East
Old Garden Beach is an okay dive site where I don't find marine life as abundant as at other Cape Ann sites. I have however encountered dogfish here. Entry/exit is a simple walk in the water from a sandy beach. Parking can be a problem as it is for residents only, although out of season I have gotten away with parking there. There is a sign that warns divers that night diving is prohibited but I'm not sure it has any legal standing.
01/18/2005        4.57      La Machaca Bonaire North, ABC Islands
I have dove La Machaca dozens of times and never get bored with it. The upturned small wreck harbors a large green moray that can scare the bejeezus out of you at night if you don't know its there. At night also expect to be followed by large tarpon looking for an easy meal scared up by your dive light. I've found a number of frogfish and plenty of other fish life on this site.
04/29/2004        3.25      Plum Cove Massachusetts, USA East
Plum Cove is a site for the beginner and for those times other local sites are blown out. Depths are shallow, no more than 20' or so at high tide. Animal life is only okay with most found on the outer edges or around the large boulders in the center area. Watch out for long currents if you venture outside the cove.
12/10/2003        4.27      Old Steamship Pier Maine, USA East
The Old Steamship Pier in Eastport is New England's best shore diving site. Entry and exit are quite simple over the small beach. Diving must be done near slack tide to avoid strong currents. Animal life is prolific and large due to high nutrient content in the water. The site has a granite wall that was part of the old steamship pier. The vertical wall is covered in invertebrates and is the hiding place of large lobster and many fish. The slope away from the wall is gentle and depths in excess of 70 feet can be reached. The substrate contains not only unusual animal life but plenty of antique bottles and other "trash" thrown in the waters over history.
12/08/2003        2.96      Back Beach Massachusetts, USA East
Back Beach is very much a beginner's dive site. Not many area dive sites offer the easy parking, entry and exit that Back Beach does. Most area instructors use it for classes, so it can get crowded in-season. Compared to premier area dive sites like Folly Cove or Cathedral Rocks, the marine life is limited. Always bring quarters for the parking meters.
12/08/2003        2.80      Pebble Beach Massachusetts, USA East
Pebble Beach is another area dive site with easy entry. There are no facilities other than parking at this site. You must swim over a great expanse of sand to reach the outer reefs. Marine life is not as prolific here as some other sites but you can encounter more pipefish here than any other site I know. Lobstering is only okay here.
10/28/2003        3.67      Folly Cove Massachusetts, USA East
I have dove Folly Cove over 200 times and it is my favorite "local" site. No other local shore diving site has the variety of animal life that Folly does. Entry can be slippery at anything but high tide. Wall on west side is covered in invertebrates. Best lobstering contrary to popular belief is on the eastern side.

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