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04/30/2007        2.66      Kahe Point Beach Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Surf reports said Makaha was 0-2, so Electric Beach was the destination of choice. The beach park is a bit disreputable, and, while it has facilities, they were pretty poor quality so I wouldn't count on anything other than the freshwater shower as serviceable. Again, heed the warnings regarding break-ins. I wouldn't bring a nice car (we had a beat looking geo tracker with a soft-top) and I wouldn't leave anything of value in it (or you can have someone to watch if you can't follow either of the above.) Entry was easy-- the waves were up a bit more than expected from the surf reports, but even with faces of 3-4 we had no trouble getting into the water through the surf (on air--which makes it almost too easy.) A quick surface swim to about 50' east (shoreward) of the outflow, and you are in the "main attraction" as far as the pipe. Marine life on the site was pretty extensive (for Hawaii) and visibility was excellent. Spotted a large green moray eel, a spotted dragon eel, two turtles--one large and one small, as well as numerous smaller reef fish. The outflow of the pipe was probably the star of the dive; however, it shouldn't be attempted by anyone without a high level of comfort in the water, as both buoyancy and attitude control are lost. It would also behoove any potential "riders" to check the surface prior to ensure that no boats have arrived since you began your dive. Overall, an excellent dive, and a site that I would highly recommend for anyone new to diving.

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