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Mukilteo T-Dock

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The T-dock is a great place for a leisurely dive, bottle hunting or grabbing a few crabs. The pilings on the old dock are always interesting to explore.

Directions: Take exit 189 off I-5 in Everett, and head West on 526. Then head North on 525. Follow signs to the Mukilteo Ferry. Take a right at the intersection just after you pass of over the railroad tracks (See the aerial photo). Just past the hotel on your left, turn left into the parking area.


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11/08/2017 Max From Everett (Avg: 3.38 Review) - This is very nice dive site with easy shore entry. Moderate sensitivity to current (sometimes one can experience a bit of down falling current). Pilings and hose can be used for navigational purpose. Geodome structure made of PVC pipes at around 70 feet is always full of life. Sometimes one can spot an octopus. Ratfish is common. Lots of gunnels, sandfish, various sculpins and crabs.

04/26/2016 Peter50 (Avg: 2.79 Review) - 23 Apr. 16 We dove down to the Geodome. It's straight out from the beach. There's a rope around 20fsw (I'm sure it was installed for students on check dives) and then the dome sit's around 50-60fsw. If you can't find it, turn north until you come to the pipe from NOAA. Drop down until you see the toilet and head south. You'll run right into it. Largest sea cucumbers I've ever seen. Some were over 1' long and there were lots of them. Big yellow rock fish and a few small ones hanging upside down on the corners of the geodome. Water was 48 degrees and vis was about 25'. The T dock itself is now gone. It was removed a few months ago. So, along with it are all the big crabs, rat fish, and a host of other species of marine life. Pay parking was also added. There are still a few free spots if you get lucky. According to a local resident who was visiting with us, it's to make room for the new ferry terminal. I googled it. Below is a link to a story in the Everett WA Herald dated 6 June 2013 and a few links from WA State Ferry's web site itself. I just hope we can still dive this spot once the new terminal is built. Every time we dive here, we eat at Ivar's, Arnie's, Diamond Knot Brewery or Brooklyn Bros Pizzeria. Diving burns the calories and it's nice to grab something to eat before we head home. We come down from Ferndale, Blaine and Lynden. Http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20130606/NEWS01/706069892 a second link http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/NR/rdonlyres/5B6748B1-B215-4CF8-A41F-38C2C07D4877/110782/Presentation_022316.pdf and a third http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/projects/ferries/mukilteoterminal/multimodal/

09/28/2014 LeAnne (Avg: 3.36 Review) - 9/28/2014 Entered the water prior to ebb. Compass set for 310 degrees and headed down to the PVC geodome @ 55fsw. Water temperature ~51F and vis' was 15-20' (great for the Puget Sound this time of year). Hundreds of perch schooled around the geodome. Lots of rock fish and sculpins. At the banded PVC pipes, ~30' north of the geodome, there were 2 young wolf eels. Both were willing to poke their heads out a bit, without coming fully out to socialize. We continued north to the dock and were happily surprised to see at least a dozen spotted ratfish and more than a couple dozen red rock and dungeness crab. Even with a full class of OW students at the site, because of our route and depth(max 78fsw) my buddies and I were able to be completely by ourselves for the entire dive.

05/22/2013 Peter (Avg: 3.00 Review) - Dove here on 20 May. Vis was great, over 30'. Got down to 118' and 114' on the two dives. Only the top 15' was turned up. H2O temp was 51 degrees. Lots of small crabs, sculpins, a huge school of shiner pearch (20' long, 3' high and 2' deep). Saw a pin fish that was floating along with the seaweed. It almost looked like seaweed until I saw its eyes. Lots of flat fish of all sorts. Some were as big as 1 1/2'. Lots of sea cucumbers. A few less now that I ate some. Things were quiet, I was the only diver there. As always, another two dives logged.

08/02/2011 Peter (Avg: 2.64 Review) - I agree with Marty about watching your stuff. I made a trip to the ferry docks to use the restroom for the obvious reason. I hit the road a little bit later. When I made my turn at the stop sign my tailgate fell open. Yep...BC, dive computer and numerous items were gone. $2300.00 in total. F*$#%&s. I had my gun with me. Good thing I didn't see them. If they're reading this...I'm going to get you sooner or later. I did get two nice dives in though. Busy place this weekend. Vis got better below 30FSW. Lots of crabs and people gathering them. Usually a nice place to dive except this time. Oh yeah...if anyone saw anything let me know.

06/06/2011 Marty Smith (Avg: 4.31 Review) - We used this site to earn our Scuba Merit Badge. If you start the dive at 7am, you can find parking right away. There are some family sized handy cans in the Ferry parking area for emergency bathroom use. A concrete patio area along the waters edge which is elevated about 5 feet above the beach level. I found this nice to set up all the gear in our class for instruction. Just a few steps and over a small log to the beach. High tide and you are right there at waters edge. Low tide and there's a good 80 foot walk to the waters edge. As noted on other remarks, it's clear, can get deep fast and lots to see. I enjoyed it. Make sure to have someone on the shoreline to watch your stuff. Lots of mugglers walking around. The hotel next door is really nice. It would be fun to stay here and dive at this site.

03/29/2011 Peter (Avg: 3.07 Review) - Dove here on 26 March. First dive since returning from the Arabian Sea for a six month deployment. Did my refresher dive down to 30fsw for almost an hour. Very easy entry and it's only a few feet from the water at high tide which it was. Lots of crab and baby flat fish. The second dive was down to 60fsw. Found the Geo-Dome at 60 ft. There were lots of starfish and grunt sculpins hanging around it. I still haven't seen a GPO there but the divers before me did. The water was 41 degrees, 15 to 20 feet vis and little or no current. Lot's of silt was kicked up at the shallower depth's because of the class going on. Below 30 feet every thing was clear. Even with the ten person class and the other divers there was plenty of parking. I've been here several times and it's always fun.

03/16/2011 Ryan Phillips (Avg: 3.16 Review) - Closest dive spot for me. The dive shop I frequent is 10 minutes away and has scheduled dives at T-Dock every evening at 6:00. Very easy entry, not a long surface swim. Great for beginners with a line at 25 ft for classes. Cool Geo-Dome at 60 ft. As wells as a small boat, satellite dish and jungle gym at 110 ft. Lots of fun stuff to see between 40 and 60 ft as well as lots of starfish & crabs.

01/26/2009 Stephen from Mukilteo (Avg: 3.48 Review) - Great dive for beginners all the way up to master and tech. It gets deep with a boat to about 130'. Gpo still might be guarding eggs underneath. Grunt sculpins and red octos north of the t dock in about 40'-50' during the day. Night dives are my favorite with bioluminescence and octos everywhere. You'll find a baby wolf eel in the geodome middle left pipe. It can get boring if you don't look or is your first dive here.

06/17/2008 Peter (Avg: 3.01 Review) - Did two dives on Sunday June 15th. The first to 117' and the second to 106'. Vis was about 10', H2O temp was 37 and 41 degrees, at the surface it was 50. Easy slope all the way down, so a deep dive was easily accomplished and the shore can't be missed. I saw lots of smaller crabs (only a few legal size), stars, rock sole and a plethora of other small guys. If you wander north you'll come across a pipe. Use this to mark the farthest point north. At that point go inshore and you'll arrive at the piling, almost where you started. There's some manmade reef structures, such as an old porcelain throne and sink, tires, huge springs, metal basket, a 10' satellite dish, and a street sign standing straight up. There were three open parking spaces when I arrived and the same when I left, and a few restaurants within throwing distance. The beach got crowded during low tide because everyone was sitting there eating lunch. I went by myself and I buddied up with a couple who were going in as I was. There were about ten divers there total. Nice dive and friendly people, but aren't all divers.

01/04/2007 EnjoysWater (Avg: 3.31 Review) - For my open water certification last spring I dove Mukilteo T-dock. In late September 2006 I got my advanced and did all 5 dives here as well. The easy entry and lack of crazy currents make this site ideal for classes (but beware of diving here on Saturday mornings). It has a nice slope downward, so our deep dive was easily accomplished, and shore is not hard to find. I've seen a couple of smaller octos here, crabs, stars, and a plethora of other small guys. If you go at night, you'll be sure to see those funky looking fish that will drift into you. The pilings are interesting, and there are some random pieces of "junk" or manmade reef structures, such as an old porcelain throne that my dive buddy and I swear we saw a wolf eel in. I have yet to dive the oil dock but would say this is a low key dive, and good for beginners.

10/07/2006 Todd Westby (Avg: 3.53 Review) - Did this site for my open water cert. It was great and saw a lot of life. Vis was good when we got away from other people. I plan on returning for the oil dock.

08/01/2006 Meredith (Avg: 3.46 Review) - We dove the T-Dock on July 30th and had a very relaxing dive. The current was almost non-existent and the water was very calm. The starfish population was amazing to observe. Visibility at shallow depths was quite limited, but improved once we broke the 25-30 foot depth.

03/29/2006 Ray of Bellingham (Avg: 2.93 Review) - Did my first two certification dives here, and it was a lot of fun, mostly because it was my first two open water dives. The vis was absolutely horrible due to the number of people that were there. It was very crowded. I hear it's much better during the week instead of the weekend. But when we did finally get away from the other classes, the vis cleared up some, and there was a lot of stuff to see.

08/09/2005 Nolan (Avg: 2.29 Review) - Sorry guys, the T-Dock has been forever altered. The state is building a new pier and, in the construction process, they pulled up the old pilings that were lying on the bottom. The site is also currently closed to diving except for weekends. Deeper (120 fsw), the site has not been affected so there is still a dive site for advanced cert. and experienced divers.

07/07/2005 Stan Groomer (Avg: 3.06 Review) - I have dove this site hundreds of times both as an instructor and a diver. There is always something new to see. Good site for all levels...gets deep fast. Looking forward to hundreds of more dives here in the future.

11/10/2004 Anonymous (Avg: 3.43 Review) - Did my 4 open water certification dives here. Very nice. So much to see. Easy in and out.

10/27/2004 Diver Mike (Avg: 3.04 Review) - As a night dive this is an excellent area to dive. You can go deep (over 120') and shallow to see the T-dock and marine life. Ease of shore entry is outstanding. Steps to the sand and smooth bottom.

09/08/2004 Mark on AOL (Avg: 3.00 Review) - Used to be a great crab dive. The whole sea bed seemed to move with thousands of them, but alas, it's been pretty wiped out, except for the first few days of the season.

06/02/2004 Gerry Hall (Avg: 3.55 Review) - It was a great first deep dive at night. Our vis was 20+ feet once you got below 15 feet.

12/02/2003 Brian Wiederspan (Avg: 2.98 Review) - This is a good site for all skill levels. Many Open Water classes are done here due to the lack of current and shallower depths just off shore, but it also drops off fast. You can easily hit 140'+ in no time. Lot's of tech training is done here as well due to the depths you can reach rather quickly and easily. The Geodome and troll are fun to see and there is usually a good amount of life here.

11/17/2003 Steve Simms (Avg: 3.25 Review) - This was a fun place to explore. I'm a pack rat by nature, so I'm always looking for stuff to pick up from the bottom to take home. Looked like the place was picked over, though. The piling are great. I need to come back here for a night dive. It's easy to do a couple of dives in this area, so bring enough tanks to make a day of it.

07/19/2003 Jim S (Avg: 2.95 Review) - Nice dive. Very little Parking. Bottom drops fast past 100'. Lots of small fish and crab. Load of shrimp. Vis typical of Puget Sound with 10' in the shallows above 30' and 15 to 20' at depth. Watch out for the ferry as it's really close. Neat underwater Geo Structure in about 40' of water straight out from the entry. Even has a Buddha inside.

01/28/2003 Robert E. Helton (Avg: 3.43 Review) - This is a fun dive for everyone. Even on the North side of the T-dock. I have seen the Vis here from 2 inches up to 50 feet, and this is a place you can go deep or stay shallow. There's lots of life in the area. I help out a lot with Classes here. I recommend this site; it's not the hardest you'll dive.

09/12/2002 Anonymous (Avg: 4.29 Review) - Dove this site on two consecutive days. The second day we dove at 0645 at a slack tide. Vis was excellent. The cabezons and lings on the north wall of the dry dock were huge. Over the years I've heard lots of great stuff about this site. It definitely lives up to its billing. Easy entry, current not a problem, easy to navigate.

11/17/2001 Curt Johnson (Avg: 2.97 Review) - This site has changed since the picture was taken. A hotel stands next to the dive beach and the beach itself has concrete stairs down from the parking lot next to a sign with a SCUBA diver logo. This spot is used by local dive shops for certification dives, consequently, some artificial reef junk has been placed there. Lots of small fish: greenling, rockfish, gunnels, bay pipefish, tubesnouts... Invertebrates on the pilings. Harbor seals are common as are sea lions in the winter.


Site Photos

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 Map     Sat
GPS: WA0301


Parking at Mukilteo T-Dock 

The small public parking area is right next to the water. If it's full, you'll find more parking within a short walk.

Left Entry

 Map     Sat
GPS: WA0302


Left Entry at Mukilteo T-Dock 

Don't venture too far to the South-- that's the ferry terminal in the background!

Right Entry

 Map     Sat
GPS: WA0303


Right Entry at Mukilteo T-Dock 

Stay on this side of the dock.




Aerial at Mukilteo T-Dock 
(click photo for details)

Watch the current, and be sure to stay in the immediate area.

Last Verification: July, 2001  


Diver Averages for  Mukilteo T-Dock  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  4.46
Bottom Conditions:  3.27
Reef Conditions:  2.92
Animal Life:  3.27
Plant Life:  2.65
Facilities:  2.54
Solitude 2.81
Roads:  3.92
*Site Average:  3.22

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  2.65
Beginner Scuba:  4.00
Intermediate Scuba:  3.69
Advanced Scuba:  3.42
Night diving Scuba:  3.77

Number of reviews for this site: 26


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