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When Neptune is cooperating, this becomes one of the most popular dive sites in the area. Because the marine life is protected here, you'll find a wide variety of fish, friendlier than usual.

Directions: Make a left on Myrtle Street about 1/2 mile North of Broadway and Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna. Turn right on Cliff.


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03/06/2011 Doug from Cucamonga (Avg: 3.76 Review) - Been here many times and it is a nice little site. Easy shore entry, typically light surge/surf, good viz, good amount of fish, depth and plants. Depth avg's about 10-20ft but will get down to about 40ft if you head fairly far south during high tide. This is one of the best socal spots for snorkeling; I personally like it better than La Jolla Cove. For diving, this site is pretty good, but there are better sites in Laguna. However, if you are willing to do a moderate surface swim, there is an area a couple hundred yards out (you can see the kelp to the south and slightly east if you are in the parking area), that is really nice has lots of kelp/fish/gorgonians etc. and because it's a decent way out, it's in fairly pristine condition. Also Diver's Cove is the site I most frequently see Bat Rays at.

03/19/2008 Brian Xavier (Avg: 4.32 Review) - Great dive every bit equal to Shaws. Nice vis. to about 30 feet. Nice marine life. My son Jonah Xavier (10 years old) snorkeled with me out to 25 feet and we saw giant bat rays, garibaldi, gobies, senoritas, calicos, and blacksmith. Excellent location. Portable bathroom near and the walkway is nice. They say the water is 54 degrees, but it might be warmer!

08/27/2006 Dustin Meyer (Avg: 3.80 Review) - My opinion of Diver's Cove as a beginning snorkeler was that it was absolutely great. Lots of metered parking to be had generally. A quarter machine is available (it was out of order one time that I went) about 600-1000 feet north of the entry to Diver's Cove. Two entries to this beach. The south entry is a small-medium length ramp with showers at the bottom, the north entry a down-sloped walkway to stairs. I believe there were two lifeguards, one at the north part of the beach and one to the south. Bathrooms right at the top of the south ramp. I had the most fun snorkeling at the north part of the beach. Up there is a big rock formation that juts out into the water and curves around toward another beach. You can walk out onto the rocks except during high tide. My first time out I swam along the rocks and viewed the sea life on the bottom and on the side of the rocks. Couple of big sea stars, kelp, eelgrass, sand bass, lots of garibaldi and other fish I didn't recognize as a beginner. A horde of sea urchins and anemones further around the rock to the north. I also saw a bunch of small bat rays, probably about 10 or 15 different ones on my last outing. 2-3 foot surf when I was there, and great visibility starting at a mere 20-30 feet from shore. Lots of scuba classes in the morning on the weekends. This site has really peaked my interest in snorkeling, and eventually getting scuba certified.

12/06/2003 Edward J. Palumbo (Avg: 3.31 Review) - This site is very popular with Orange County dive shops for open water certification classes and it is suitable for novice divers. The exceptions are those days when south swell or offshore storms add difficulty to surf entries. This area is a marine life refuge. The bottom slope is gradual and most diving is conducted at depths of 22-34 feet, so an aluminum 80 will last quite a while. The bottom is varied, with sandy patches separating small reefs that provide a nest for territorial garibaldi. There are urchins and sea stars on the rocks, with senorita wrasse, rockfish and surf perch moving about. This site is conveniently located, accessible, and uncomplicated, hence popular with local divers. Convenient metered parking is available, but parking enforcement of the City of Laguna Beach is mercilessly efficient. Divers must plan accordingly and diligently keep the meters fed, or a parking ticket is almost a certainty. If the meter expires while you're in the water, you'll surface to a ticket. There are condominiums adjacent to the stairs at street level that lead to the beach. Please respect the privacy of the residents. There are public telephones and picnic tables nearby. It may be wise to check if the public restrooms at nearby Heisler Beach are locked before you begin your dive. I saw no restaurants in the immediate area of the site, but it's a fine site for a picnic, so bring nonalcoholic beverages and lunch. A variety of restaurants can be found on Pacific Coast Highway, not far away.

09/18/2003 Phil Garner (Avg: 3.41 Review) - Divers Cove is the most popular dive site in Orange County for dive classes. Easy entry, short surf zone and nice reefs allow students to become acquainted with California diving without a lot of work. The center of the cove is a sandy plain where you will find several classes each weekend. There are small reefs on the left side of the cove that extend into Picnic Beach. The right side of the cove is where you will find the best diving. It's a moderate to long swim to the exposed reef system offshore between Divers Cove and Boat Canyon, but well worth the effort. The outside edge of the reef ends at forty feet and has cracks and mini walls as high as twenty feet where you can find octopus, Moray eels, seals, sea lions and lobster. The inshore side of the reef is shallow and can be surgy, but there are more fish and lobsters to be found here. Divers Cove is an excellent night dive site as well. Many of the animals that you see hiding in the deep cracks during the day are roaming the reef at night. Parking is limited during the Summer and especially on weekends. There is metered parking directly in front of the cove and free parking to the West. Bring plenty of quarters! The City of Laguna Beach requires that you dive with a buddy and also carry a snorkel with you. You can keep it tucked away, but the police and lifeguards will cite you if you don't have it in your possession.

03/24/2002 Anonymous (Avg: 2.83 Review) - Large manta rays can be spotted.


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GPS: CS0301


Parking at Divers Cove 

Parking is limited in the immediate area, and is metered.

Left Entry



Left Entry at Divers Cove 

Pick a spot to dive in!

Right Entry



Right Entry at Divers Cove 

Or dive in at the point (beware of Sneaker Waves if you are walking on the rocks!). The stairs are to the right.

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Diver Averages for  Divers Cove  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  4.33
Bottom Conditions:  3.67
Reef Conditions:  3.83
Animal Life:  3.67
Plant Life:  3.17
Facilities:  2.50
Solitude 3.00
Roads:  3.67
*Site Average:  3.57

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  4.00
Beginner Scuba:  4.00
Intermediate Scuba:  3.67
Advanced Scuba:  3.00
Night diving Scuba:  3.50

Number of reviews for this site: 6


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