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Children's Pool Beach

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Children's Pool Beach, also known as Casa, has a very easy entry to some spectacular diving. The local Sea Lion population sometimes uses the beach for sunning during the Winter months, but during the Summer, you might just have the whole beach to yourself!

Directions: 500 yards South of La Jolla Cove. (See driving directions for La Jolla Cove)


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10/12/2015 Fred Melnick (Avg: 4.32 Review) - This is a great spot for all level of diver. The entry is easy and kelp beds are not to far out. The depth is around 30 ft and there is lots of life. No problem with the protesters - none there.

07/09/2012 Lisa Davis (Avg: 4.03 Review) - Went snorkeling here a few times in late June and had a great time watching the seals, rays, Garibaldi, and other fish swim around. Went back on July 7 to scuba (only my 6th dive and my second shore dive), got there early to get decent parking. There are portable bathrooms at the top and a shower tucked back down the stairs. There were seals present on the beach and in the water; we entered on the opposite side of the beach that the seals were at to avoid scaring them. There was a person videoing beach goers getting too close to the seals and scaring them, but she didn't say anything to us or anyone else. Entry was very easy, just walk in and put your fins on and swim out. Visibility was 10-15 feet but there was a great deal of grass and plant debris floating around. Went to about 30 feet deep and watched a harbor seal swim around us and play in the sea grass. 3 more seals followed us back into the shallows. Overall, fun trip for a beginning diver and a good place to gain experience.

05/14/2011 Mark L. (Avg: 3.03 Review) - I DO NOT consider this to be a shore dive anymore. I used to work here as a lifeguard and dove the area extensively since 1976. It WAS a very popular spot for scuba divers. I stopped diving there about 7 yrs ago. It has essentially been turned over to a herd of seals and the nuts who watch over them. I think you can still enter the water off the beach legally, but I wouldn't bother for two reasons. First, the seals have done a good job of polluting the beach water with excrement. The Health Dept has chronic warnings about this. Second, you are not supposed to disturb the seals. To some of the seal zealots this means that you may not cause a seal to lift its head or open its eyes. Some of these people are truly psychotic and will scream obscenities at you, get in your face, and make your day very unpleasant. They may even damage your vehicle if they can find it. For this reason, I rated the ease of shore entry as 'zero.' Parking can be very difficult to find in the summer, unless you get to the beach before 8am. La Jolla has some of the best conditions for shore diving in San Diego because the visibility is typically much better than the sandy beaches. Do yourself a favor and pick a different entry. As a former lifeguard I will warn you that the other entries are not nearly as easy and safe as this one was. Too bad.

11/10/2007 John Leek (Avg: 4.28 Review) - This unique place is protected by a sea wall that allows you to put on fins in a pool, then slip into a gentle rip that helps you swim out. A big reef goes out behind the seawall. You don't want to be on it, but beside it where overhangs and crevasses hold all sorts of animals. Basically, straight West. Returning, stay close to the end of the seawall and a wave will gently fling you into the pool. Seals will also play with you. There is a lifeguard station, rest rooms, shower, and stairs.

10/06/2004 James Sperling (Avg: 4.67 Review) - Well, this site is open now. One warning watch out for the old guy who has appointed himself protector of the Pacific Ocean seal population. This was an AWESOME night dive!!!! I went lobster diving but only caught one. I saw more on this shore dive than any other night shore dive I've done to date. We swam out around the back side of the wall and the reef structure was awesome. After dropping to about 23 feet toured through the reef and saw a couple of blue colored eels, tons of large giribaldi, sheephead, small lobsters everywhere, and a large dead seal which was pretty spooky since I'm not one for diving with a plentiful amount of shark food. If conditions are flat, this is an excellent place to go!!!! Hope to see ya there!

11/02/2001 Dwight (Avg: 3.13 Review) - This is a fun spot to snorkel for lobster at low tide during calm conditions. It is a good dive spot during calm conditions. 10 to 15 ft. vis would be a good day. Easy entry when calm and there are showers right there. Parking is limited but good during off hours.


Site Photos

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Overview at Children's Pool Beach 

The entry could not be easier. Take your time to find a safe channel to get you through the rocks. This site should not be attempted during rough weather.




Overview at Children's Pool Beach 

A little farther to the right you'll see more of the cove, and the start of Seal Rock.




Overview at Children's Pool Beach 

A bit farther to the right, Seal Rock covered with its inhabitants!




aerial at Children's Pool Beach 
(click photo for details)

This is a beautiful area. The point can be also accessed from the next site, South Casa.

Last Verification: July, 2001  


Diver Averages for  Children's Pool Beach  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  3.67
Bottom Conditions:  4.00
Reef Conditions:  4.00
Animal Life:  4.17
Plant Life:  4.00
Facilities:  4.00
Solitude 2.67
Roads:  4.33
*Site Average:  3.91

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  4.67
Beginner Scuba:  4.33
Intermediate Scuba:  4.17
Advanced Scuba:  4.33
Night diving Scuba:  4.17

Number of reviews for this site: 6


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