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Blue Heron Bridge
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If you enjoy photography, this is the place for you. I've done about 75 dives at Blue Heron Bridge in the last 18 months and am constantly surprised at what I might see. On several occasions, I've had manatees swim up to me. Spotted morays can be seen on most dives: once-in-a-while you'll see a purple mouth eel. On about 1/3 of the dives, I've seen sharp-tailed eels. Spotted eagle rays are common, especially during the winter. Southern rays are also present. I've seen cow nose rays and one bull nose ray too. Octopi come out late in the day and some are quite brave and will interact with the divers: I've had a few gently touch my camera or glove as I photographed them. All manner of tropicals swim in these waters: angels, barracuda, tangs, filefish, parrots, spadefish, slippery dicks, puffers, balloonfish, flying gurnards, sea robins, batfish etc. etc. From a macro standpoint, you'll see mantis shrimp, blennies, nudibranches, arrowcrabs and all sorts of other tiny critters. Right now the east side of Phil Foster park is closed to diving due to bridge repairs; repairs should be completed in mid 2011. The sand area side south of the park contains critters on the mooring ball lines and the west span of the bridge is prolific with sea life. Parking is normally easy, but can be a challenge in late morning or early afternoon on weekends during the late spring and summer as fisherman, picnickers and scuba divers compete for spaces. Best to arrive earlier. You can set up on the picnic tables when they are not being used. You can wash off in the showers or the fish cleaning stations (when not being used by someone to clean fish). Slack high tide is the time to dive: you're normally safe 60 minutes prior to high tide unless the current looks swift. If you find that the current is too robust but you've already entered the water, just duck behind a bridge piling for a few minutes and enjoy watching the critters and fish that congregate on and around the piling. I can easily get in a two hour dive and have done a 2 hour 45 minute dive when the high tide was fairly 'low'. Carry a knife to free yourself if you can tangled up in a fishing line. Bring a dive flag so fishermen don't mistakenly cast into you (and because itís the law). Force-E has been sponsoring some night dives during 2010 so call the shop on Blue Heron Blvd to get details: night dives take special permits so don't try doing one without a shop. Force-E is where I get my air fills. Enjoy!    

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