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11/14/2010 Ron Gubbins (Avg: 4.54 Review) - Just a quick mention. Both of the previous entries in the More Guam are largely about Gun Beach. Gun Beach is accessed by a road just to the north of the main strip in Tumon. The road has big signs that say 'Do not Enter'. They are a lie put up by a group that was once trying to gain control of the area to put up big condo buildings. Gun Beach is a public site, accessible to all. The road getting to it is quite rough due to erosion, so drive slowly and carefully and bear right near the end into the public parking area. The beach itself is excellent. It is a fairly quiet spot, and I've never seen more than about 20 people at a time there in total, mostly there are 4 or 5. You enter by the phone line pipes which run out from the shore and are easily identifiable. You have to walk about 100 yards out for water deep enough to SCUBA, but you can snorkel from near shore. I stress this, examine the wave action! If there are big waves and you are not experienced, do not go in. I have seen people hammered onto the very rough reef by these waves. Current can also be an issue here. People have been swept out to sea here if they go out too far. Follow the tide charts and only go here during incoming or slack high tides. Once you're in your gonna want to stay for several hours so plan your snorkel or dive accordingly. Following the pipes out, once you pass the near shore rubble, the reef opens up. The colors of the corals are intense, and the fish life is incredible. Morays, sharks and Manta's are occasionally seen here. I saw a squadron of very beautiful squid here once. If you follow the reef to the left you will be rewarded with a small area of spur and groove coral formations. They are incredibly full of life. If you follow the shoreline around the point and off to the right, you will find that things are just as good as to the left. There is a beach on the right that is just incredible, possibly the best beach on the island. I've never gone ashore there, it may be private. You can see hundreds of different fish at Gun Beach, corals, sponges, anemones, urchins, eels and more on this spot, and if the sun is shining, the colors pop!

08/08/2004 Seth Bareiss (Avg: 4.30 Review) - This is one of the easiest shore dives on Guam, and located at the far-right side of the tourist strip, Tumon Bay. Go as far right as possible on the paved road, then follow a dirt road down to a small beach alongside a big hotel. Gear up at your car, then walk 30' to knee-deep water, and follow a cable/pipe channel straight out. Returning, expect to clutch this cable/pipe to resist the rip tide in this cut. Once outside, head LEFT toward the hotels. Rightward is boring, and devastated by crown-of-thorns starfish who've killed the reef. Leftward is a paradise of candlestick corals, gradually sloping from 15' to 100' deep. Lots of spider-shells, large animals, & reef fish. Re-entry through a riptide, and the lack of a bathroom or shower, keep this from being perfect... but it's nearly perfect. Avoid snorkeling here if there are waves. Use thick felt booties, because spiny urchins and sharp rocks abound in the corals you walk across to enter.

09/15/2003 Bill Stohler (Avg: 3.48 Review) - Tumon Bay, Gun Beach - This is a common beginer site located in what I called "Little Waikiki". There's an underwater telephone cable to follow out through a notch in the reef, and the marine life is interesting. Lots of giant clams and bulbous sea stars (but I didn't find any giant giant clams). Gab Gab. Interesting dive at the Big Navy base. Starting out, one climbs down a ladder in what used to be a submarine bay. Just outside the bay, the reef drops off and plate corals and sponges abound. Interesting dive! We found some ulua and a large school of unicornfish.

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Ease of Shore Entry:  4.67
Bottom Conditions:  4.33
Reef Conditions:  4.33
Animal Life:  4.67
Plant Life:  3.33
Facilities:  3.00
Solitude 4.00
Roads:  3.00
*Site Average:  4.11

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  4.33
Beginner Scuba:  4.33
Intermediate Scuba:  4.33
Advanced Scuba:  4.00
Night diving Scuba:  4.33

Number of reviews for this site: 3


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