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Kahalu'u Beach Park is a wonderfully popular park for sunbathers, snorkelers, and beginner divers. The fish are plentiful, and the turtles are abundant. Facilities are excellent.

Directions: You'll find Kahalu'u Beach Park at mile 4.8 on Ali'I Drive, just South of Kailua.


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01/09/2016 Lisa Davis (Avg: 4.03 Review) - Definitely a snorkel site but you could definitely do a super shallow max 10' depth SCUBA. After a week of diving, we snorkeled Kahalu'u on our surface interval day. Worth the snorkel: eels, puffer fish, tons of fish, and a sea turtle. Easy sand or lava rock entry, slip on your fins and swim out. Swim out a little further for better vis. Keep an eye out for surfers, there are surf lessons that happen in the area. Bathrooms, food truck, showers, near Kona, free parking- but get there early to get a spot!

01/20/2011 Anonymous (Avg: 3.24 Review) - (No Comment)

08/17/2007 Anonymous (Avg: 3.31 Review) - This site has lots of fish, eels, turtles, etc. Everyone swims out to look for turtles, but they are along the rocks, in close. You'll be sick of turtles by the time you're done with this site. This site is almost too shallow to snorkel, let alone dive. Most of it is 3-6 feet deep.

01/06/2007 Brian Xavier (Avg: 3.61 Review) - Kahalu Beach Park is a nice place to snorkel, but probably a little too shallow to dive. We went here many times during a recent trip and snorkelers of all ages were here. Snorkeling is great with lots of varieties of fish including Humu humu's and others. Many say this beach has a greater variety of fish than most other beaches on the island. There are lots of people here, so be careful if you want to snorkel or dive.

12/21/2005 Shaun Rost (Avg: 3.04 Review) - Nice starter dive for the island, with lots of fish and turtles. You can see most of it by snorkeling, but always a lot of people.

07/19/2005 Anonymous (Avg: 3.77 Review) - I'm not a diver...just went snorkeling here. Someone mentioned in the photos not to leave valuables visible in your car, but don't leave them in the trunk either. We had several items stolen, including our camera with all of our vacation photos on it. This is a fun, albeit crowded place to snorkel, just use caution. After we were robbed we realized there is an obvious ongoing operation in the parking lot. Guys who just hang out in the lot all day.

12/08/2004 Anonymous (Avg: 3.84 Review) - Pretty crowded, but lots of fish and turtles too. Lots of shallow areas, lifegaurds on duty, and a nice big breakwater, all add to the comfort level of begginers.

06/27/2004 Bill Benton (Avg: 3.82 Review) - Nice shallow dive inside breakwater, deeper outside. Over 100 varieties of fish, and almost always turtles.

11/08/2002 Anonymous (Avg: 4.12 Review) - Ichi ban

11/17/2001 Tucson Gary (Avg: 3.16 Review) - A really great place to swim with the exotic yellow tangs[in the thousands] and green sea turtles[if you're lucky, you'll see them feeding towards the eastern edge of the little reef]

10/08/2001 Bob Burnett (Avg: 3.50 Review) - Needed a no-deco dive before flying after week of boat diving. Surprisingly good, shallow dive. Never got below 15 feet. After 1 hour, 40 minutes, still had plenty of air. Snorkelers feed fish, so were indifferent to divers. Great opportunity for natural light still and video photography. Some sand gets kicked up and there's a slight surge.

03/06/2001 Mike Gruber (Avg: 3.01 Review) - This was my first time snorkeling, and I had a great time, no difficulties except clumsiness in entry. Saw many parrot fish and eels-- even saw a couple of turtles! The water became more clear out toward the breakwater. It was crowded on the weekend, but the weekdays were excellent-- Great place to snorkel!


Site Photos

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 Map     Sat
GPS: TB1101


Entrance at Kahalu'u Beach Park 

The entrance is easy to find. Turn right into the parking lot.


 Map     Sat
GPS: TB1102


Parking at Kahalu'u Beach Park 

Parking is spacious and ample. As always, be sure to not leave valuables visible in your car.


 Map     Sat
GPS: TB1103


Entry at Kahalu'u Beach Park 

Entry can be made from the sandy beach to the right




Informational at Kahalu'u Beach Park 

On the morning of this photo shoot in mid September, we were lucky enough to catch a pair of Green Sea Turtles playing 'leap frog' just yards from the park beach. A rule of thumb is never to get closer than 10 yards to a resting sea turtle. Wildlife harassment can have serious consequences for you and the turtles!




Aerial at Kahalu'u Beach Park 
(click photo for details)

Although the bay is mainly for snorkelers, a quick kick out to sea will get the experienced scuba diver out to the lava shelf.

Last Verification: September, 2000  


Diver Averages for  Kahalu'u Beach Park  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  4.08
Bottom Conditions:  3.50
Reef Conditions:  3.33
Animal Life:  4.08
Plant Life:  2.75
Facilities:  4.25
Solitude 2.00
Roads:  4.17
*Site Average:  3.54

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  4.58
Beginner Scuba:  3.58
Intermediate Scuba:  3.00
Advanced Scuba:  2.83
Night diving Scuba:  2.92

Number of reviews for this site: 12


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