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Pukano Point

Hawaiian Islands


Pukano Point is just south of Yokohama Bay. There is excellent coast line to explore here for the intermediate diver.

Directions: At the Northern most end of the Farrington Highway on the West Shore.


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04/17/2008 Mitchell Villafania (Avg: 3.30 Review) - Site was ok. Nice walls and formations to dive on. We were parked at the suggested spot and immediately some locals parked and started scoping out the car. We didn't feel comfortable leaving the car there alone so we parked at the beach behind a family hanging at the beach. It ended up being a long walk down the sandy beach with all that gear on but you can still hit the point from there. Dive was pretty shallow. Deepest I recorded was 27-30 feet. Fish life was pretty sparse but lots of Urchins.

08/08/2004 Seth Bareiss (Avg: 3.65 Review) - Stick to the rock wall at the south-east end of this long beach. It's shallow, but with good visibility and, as someone else mentioned (but not emphatically enough) a nice place to find empty shells, particularly small cowries. BRING A DIVE FLAG. There's a lifeguard at this beach. In 900 or so dives on Oahu, I've only once been asked where my dive flag/dive buoy was, and been fined. HERE. Unemployment and resentment towards tourists & military runs high in Hawaii, so expect frequent theft. Leave nothing of value in your car, and leave a sign in your window saying you have nothing of value. Visibility tends to be quite nice when waves are low, and the white sand along the shallow wall make for warm, well-lit diving, with a beautiful spider web of light dancing across the sand. As with all Hawaii shore dives, call the local free surfers' advisory tel. #, listen to the recording, and avoid this spot if it's got waves enough to interest surfers.

12/17/2003 Anonymous (Avg: 3.51 Review) - Good Dive spot for shore dives, some interesting swim throughs, occasional good shell hunting, the "turtle cleaning station"! A good dive spot that will suffice for those who want an enjoyable easy long shallow dive or some interesting sights for those who venture deeper!

12/29/2001 Luke VanValkenburg (Avg: 3.28 Review) - This site is the last site on Farrington Hwy. A long way down. It's an easy, sandy shore but drops off quick do to the waves breaking on the shore during winter months. The dive is shallow but with some beautiful lava and rock formations to swim and peer into. I enjoy this dive. However, on my last dive at this site, I placed my dive flag just to the left of the underwater lava rock you can see in the aerial and went diving around the rocks and when I came back, my dive flag was gone. Theft is a big issue on the west side of the island. When you park your car on any of the west side dive sites be sure to bring as little with you as possible and only a drivers license. I assume it was a nearby snorkeler however it might have unhitched from underneath and floated out to sea so far I couldn't see it during my 45 min. dive with no current. So just be careful.


Site Photos

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 Map     Sat
GPS: OA0701


Parking at Pukano Point 

You'll find parking for a few cars between the guard rails.

Right Entry

 Map     Sat
GPS: OA0702


Right Entry at Pukano Point 

A small rocky trail leads to an entry cove. Watch your step and carry your gear down a couple of items at a time.




Aerial at Pukano Point 
(click photo for details)

Once in the water, kick out a bit, determine the current, and dive accordingly.

Last Verification: September, 2000  


Diver Averages for  Pukano Point  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  3.75
Bottom Conditions:  4.25
Reef Conditions:  3.75
Animal Life:  3.25
Plant Life:  2.50
Facilities:  2.75
Solitude 3.50
Roads:  3.50
*Site Average:  3.44

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  3.50
Beginner Scuba:  3.75
Intermediate Scuba:  3.50
Advanced Scuba:  3.25
Night diving Scuba:  3.00

Number of reviews for this site: 4


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