Overview of Sheraton Caverns

Sheraton Caverns

Hawaiian Islands


The Sheraton Caverns are usually dived via boat because of the great difficulty in the kick-out. See the review dated 08/23/2004 below for a stern warning. Because of the potential for exhaustion, we do not recommend this as a shore dive. Restrooms, showers and water are available.

Directions: From Lihu'i heading West on Highway 50, turn left on Highway 520 (Maluhia Road) at mile mark 6.8. After about 3 miles, you'll hit a T in the road at Koloa. Jog right and then an immediate left onto Po'ipu Road, and head South to Po'ipu. At about mile 4.8, take the LEFT fork. After .4 mile, take a right on Kapili, and then a left on Ho'onani. Drive to the end of the road to find the entry area


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02/16/2015 Staramouche (Avg: 3.39 Review) - My wife and I parked and scoped out the entry from a public parking area and decided the surf was too high and the shore too rocky to safely attempt. We had dived Koloa Landing earlier and being strong swimmers (My wife does Ironman races) we decided to try the long swim out from the Koloa entry. The swim out was long, the swim back was tricky as the surf came up and boat traffic increased; there and back again was over an hour total, but the caverns were well worth the effort! The coral was not vibrant but the turtles were plentiful! Sleeping turtles, lots of fish, eels, and the song of humpback whales serenaded us the entire time! We swam through the bigger bridges and tunnels, constantly looking up for whales (and sharks). We would not swim out from Koloa Landing again; I would not recommend it and I feel lucky we even found Sheraton Caverns and had the energy to dive 60', but the site is wonderful!

09/05/2012 Randy Brooks (Avg: 3.75 Review) - Did a night dive here. Was my partner's first ever night dive. We both really enjoyed it. I was considering doing it as a shore-dive during the day and it was pointed out to me that if I broke a fin strap or something, then I would be at the mercy of whomever I might find to help. I decided against it.

02/26/2009 Darrin Nelson-Hoffman (Avg: 4.27 Review) - The hardest part of this dive for us was the entry and the exit. We entered and exited on the rocky beach west of the Sheraton which would have been fine without any surf, however some surf was present and our hands got scraped up a little bit. I would recommend entering and exiting from the sandy beach in front of the Sheraton even though the swim is a little longer. We are in good shape, and so the 1/4 mile swim out and 1/4 mile swim back were relaxing. The dive is absolutely fantastic. Besides being named Sheraton Caverns, it should be named turtle city. I have never seen so many turtles. Turtles flying every which way, turtles eating, turtles fighting, turtles sleeping in rooms in caves. The most fascinating part was meeting and passing turtles as they would fly through the arches and lava tubes. Knowing this dive's location was only possible for us when a dive boat anchored there. Thanks to the dive boat operators and their customers for showing the location of this fantastic dive to us shore divers.

08/11/2008 Chip from Chandler (Avg: 2.81 Review) - First time diving in Kauai - first site dove. If there weren't huge green turtles lying in/about the caverns, then this site would be a big fat zero in my book. I have dove many other places with more colorful coral and sea life than this. If the turtles weren't there - you're basically diving around lifeless gray rocks with some coral here and there. Don't get me wrong - the turtles are AWESOME and meandering throughout the caverns amongst them is AWESOME. I recommend this dive - just don't expect much else other than those 2 things.

07/23/2008 Arkie (Avg: 3.02 Review) - It makes a great night dive but I would not consider it a shore dive. As other reviews had said, it is a long swim to the site from the shore.

04/21/2008 Anonymous (Avg: 4.34 Review) - (no comment)

10/04/2007 Scott G (Avg: 3.23 Review) - My wife and I just dove this site from shore, and it was great! We parked in the public lot just west of the Sheraton. Surf was up a little, and the entry/exit was rocky but very doable, just walk slowly. We entered just west of the parking lot (205 heading to the caverns), and exited just east (180 heading to the caverns). Pick your entry/exit points based on the surf. The swim out was much shorter than I expected, only a 15 minute swim out. We swam back underwater and only used 500PSI coming back. The dive was fantastic, great vis, lots of schooling fish and turtles. It's easy to find the caverns if dive boats are out there, they will be directly under the eastern dive boat (if there are more than 1 dive boat). The caverns go from 45ft down to 64ft. The reef goes all the way out from the shore to the caverns.

08/17/2006 Rick from New Tripoli (Avg: 2.95 Review) - I did this site as a boat dive in early August 2006. At that time, with a large south swell, there was virtually no way that it could have been done as a shore dive. It was a fun site to dive, saw some turtles, lots of eels, a nudibranch, and lots of fish. Coral here is not outstanding.

10/18/2004 Dan and Kelley Holtman (Avg: 3.70 Review) - Oct. 5, 2004 60'FSW/80*F/60'vis. We had already done 3 dives at Koloa Landing and decided to make the surface swim from the landing to the caverns. (It would have been closer from the Sheraton's beach.) We felt good and the ocean was calm. DIVE FLAG A MUST! We never would have found the caverns if the dive boats hadn't been anchored there. It was a 40 minute swim (3/4 mile) at a relaxed pace; the coral improved greatly the deeper we got. We swam upwind of the boats and anchored the dive flag at 45'FSW. When we reached the caverns (fantastic swim-thrus, not caves), we had them to ourselves. There were at least 6 large Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles sleeping under the ledges with large Tiger Cowrie shells decorating the sandy bottom. We saw too many fish to mention and even saw a Dwarf Moray out for a little swim. These caverns were very roomy and lots of light for good vis. A highly recommended boat dive. The swim back was easier as we had the wind to our backs. We even saved enough air to find the dragon moray again at Koloa Landing in the same coral head as the day before :-)

08/23/2004 Lynn McQueeney OWSI (Avg: 3.00 Review) - I'm an instructor in Kauai who dives this site all the time. It's a great site, however, the actual name is "Sheraton Caverns". There are no "caves". Also, it would be very much appreciated if you could state a little stronger that this is not a shore dive for most divers. We have too many people who read your website and get stuck halfway, can't make back, and need to be rescued. This is not just a shore dive for hardier divers, it is in fact a boat dive. Most divers don't go far enough to get to the caverns, or like I stated above, they need rescuing. Even with a propulsion vehicle, it's not a good idea. Mahalo.

08/23/2004 Harvey Hans (Avg: 3.95 Review) - This was my first dive and I can't say how great it was. There was a wide variety of fish and turtles...catching an octopus was a real treat. Conditions on top were flat, and there was very little current to deal with. I can't wait to do it again.

06/05/2004 Anonymous (Avg: 3.65 Review) - Very nice beginner dive site and night dive site.

10/06/2003 Mike at Lakewood (Avg: 4.20 Review) - My favorite spot on Kauai. Dove here a few times. Last dive we had more than 12 turtles there. BIG ONES. It was great in the caves. A must dive!

07/11/2003 Tim Tobish (Avg: 3.53 Review) - This was the site of my very first, uncertified dive, having done nothing but played around in a pool for a few hours the weekend before we left for The Big Aloha. Because the dive master felt I was a strong swimmer and comfortable in the water, we did the whole thing - 65' depth, swim-throughs, etc. The first time I did it was off a boat, but we returned a few days later and did it as a shore dive. This is a very beautiful dive, and was a lucky first. The life is plentiful, the visibility good to great, you get sharks in the swim-throughs in the mornings and turtles in the afternoon. LOTS of turtles! I've been to Cozumel and Palau since this first trip, and this dive comes close. Lots of fun, although be prepared for a long swim out. Best dived on a flat day because of the swim. Fortunately it's pretty calm in the winter on the South Shore, when the North Shore is basically undivable.

05/19/2003 Anonymous (Avg: 3.81 Review) - Only the second dive I've ever taken, Sheraton Caves was a real treat. Experienced sea turtles sleeping in caves, petted a huge moray eel and spotted what seemed to be a stonefish (from a fair distance away). Great time and no one else around but my wife and our guide. Check it out!!!

03/21/2002 Tom Walek (Avg: 3.66 Review) - Did this as a shore dive. Long surface swim from the parking lot straight out. Returned as a underwater swim. Really one of the nicest dives I had done in Kauai. So many green turtles.


Site Photos

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 Map     Sat
GPS: KA0501


Parking at Sheraton Caverns 

Here is the primary parking for a dozen cars right next to the public access beach


 Map     Sat
GPS: KA0502


Parking at Sheraton Caverns 

If the primary parking is full, go back about 100 feet to find this additional parking.


 Map     Sat
GPS: KA0503


Entry at Sheraton Caverns 

Entry is straight out this sandy beach.


 Map     Sat
GPS: KA0504


Entry at Sheraton Caverns 

Even close to shore, you can see that the bottom will be interesting.




Aerial at Sheraton Caverns 
(click photo for details)

Generally, you could follow the channels out to the deeper water, but we do not recommend it. See our introductory comments.

Last Verification: September, 2000  


Diver Averages for  Sheraton Caverns  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  2.69
Bottom Conditions:  3.88
Reef Conditions:  3.75
Animal Life:  4.56
Plant Life:  3.00
Facilities:  2.81
Solitude 3.50
Roads:  3.25
*Site Average:  3.58

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  2.50
Beginner Scuba:  3.38
Intermediate Scuba:  4.06
Advanced Scuba:  3.75
Night diving Scuba:  3.50

Number of reviews for this site: 16


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